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Catching Up

Monday marks the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, so I am soaking up every minute of the weekend! For those who read Coffee Cake and Cardio regularly, you've probably noticed how MIA I've been. It's actually pretty wild how busy I've been, but I'm so incredibly happy. I'm beyond busy at work and use every ounce of my evenings to play with Magnolia, catch up and relax with Neal, and focus ... read more

Fall Workout Gear Essentials

Fall Workout Gear Essentials

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own. I love, love, love working out in the fall.  Love!  This August has been such a tease and has me so excited for the fall weather.  Whether I'm going out for an early morning run or going to a fitness studio after work, the fall is such a great time to layer up and to jump into a new fitness routine. The t ... read more


Day In The Life: Back to Basics

Yesterday Neal and I kicked off our plan to get back to basics.  It was my morning to hit the gym and Neal's evening to write, but our tag team worked perfectly.  It was a really busy day at work but the day went really well overall.  On to day 2. 4:45AM - First alarm goes off 4:50AM - Second alarm goes off and I hop out of bed 4:55AM - Get dress and head to the gym 5:10AM - Arrive at t ... read more


Back to Basics

It's back to basics for me and my family.  When I decided to start playing football again, Neal and I knew it would take a lot of sacrifice for us both.  We tag teamed throughout the summer, which worked out really well in the end, but we were both ready to have our lives back after winning the championship game in early August. Neal and I used the week after the championship game to r ... read more

Running workout

Sunshine and Smoothies

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Washington, DC. At 7AM Neal, Magnolia, Theodore, and I headed over to Virginia for the morning. Despite living on the Maryland side of the DC area, we go over to Virginia quite often. Theodore's groomer is right next to the W&OD trail, so we love dropping him off and then going for a run on the trail. I'm still getting back into running, ... read more

Goal Setting

Monthly Goals

August 2015 Goals

Where did July go? Holy moly! What a busy month. August's arrival is honestly bittersweet. I can not believe that in one month Magnolia will be a year old, that I'll hit 1 year postpartum, that win or lose football season will be over, and that my scaleless summer will come to an end. I feel a ... read more

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