The Quiet Commute

Washington, DC is known for many things; the White House, the Capital, the President, the Redskins (I like to think so), and its HORRIBLE traffic.  Washington, DC has the 2nd worse traffic in the . . . Continue Reading »

The Duffel Bag

Yesterday was such a fantastic day.... I FINISHED BOTH OF MY GRAD CLASSES!!! Although both of my classes were fantastic, I was thrilled to submit my final projects early last night. After a long . . . Continue Reading »

Key Lime Pie Throwdown!

Neal and I have a few traditions, which I love! Watching Peanuts movies on various holidays each year like It's the Great Pumpkin, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and  Be My Valentine... and secretly I'm . . . Continue Reading »

Great News

I've mentioned this a little, after going MIA at the beginning on July, but I interviewed for a job earlier this month and was offered the job last Friday!!  I happily accepted the job and will be . . . Continue Reading »

Florida Keys: Day 2

Day 2 in the keys... Love!  On Thursday of last week, Neal and I headed down to Key West for a little day trip.  Key west was about 2 hours away from where we were staying, so we packed out swimsuits . . . Continue Reading »

2 Years…

2 years ago today, Neal and I went on our first date at the Nationals ballpark.  As I shared the other day, Neal and I met through and have been happily dating since. Over the past two . . . Continue Reading »

Florida Keys: Day 1

Neal and I have been in Florida since Wednesday.  Wednesday morning we made our way to the airport; settled in and grabbed some Dunkin' Donuts. Ok, not the healthiest start to the vacation but . . . Continue Reading »

Finding My Match

On July 11, 2009 I received an e-mail on from ehawk.  The name rang a bell but it wasn't until I read his message that it all clicked. "Hello! I'm new to match but I saw you checked out my . . . Continue Reading »

Match vs. eHarmony

Back in 2009 I figured I'd give online dating a try.  I didn't know what to expect, but decided to join both Match and eHarmony.  It was a little nerve racking setting up a profile but I stayed true . . . Continue Reading »

Hey Hey Vaycay

I'm on VACATION!!! I have seriously been waiting all summer to say that.  I can not even begin to explain how excited I am to be on vacation.  This summer has been pretty nice, but it has been non . . . Continue Reading »

Iced Coffee Heaven

I love coffee and am currently on my iced coffee kick. In an effort to save money, I've been brewing coffee at home, keeping it cool in the fridge, and then pouring it over ice before heading out the . . . Continue Reading »

Summer Lovin’

Last night my BF and I had dinner with some friends in Old Town Alexandria.  It's such a cute little area and I'm always amazed by the homes and the people who are able to afford those homes. After . . . Continue Reading »

Rest Well Grandma

One of the many cups of tea I had with my grandma in 2008!

This morning I missed a call from my Mom while my BF and I were at the bank and just from the sound of her voice in the voicemail I knew that something was wrong.  Last night my Grandmother passed . . . Continue Reading »

Spin Class From Hell

I love going to spin on Tuesday mornings and have gone every week for the past 3 months except for when I was sick.  I have been to the Thursday morning class a few times before, but wasn't too fond . . . Continue Reading »

Will Run For Chocolate

Last week I got an e-mail announcing a new race being held in DC this winter.  My BF and I were hoping to run the Las Vegas half marathon in December this year, but with a lot on the docket we thought . . . Continue Reading »