I’m Free!


Hello from bright and sunny Iowa! So, Neal and I totally went to bed at 2AM last night and woke up at 4AM this morning to go to the airport.  2 hours of sleep is no bueno!  I got my hair done last night and didn't start packing until 11PM, oops!  Neal was cracking me up this morning though as he literally couldn't function off of the 2 hours of sleep he had gotten.  It was hysterical.  We were out . . . Continue Reading »

Date Nights: A Must For Anyone!

I wrote this guest post for Katie on Sunny Side Up a while back and thought it was worth sharing with y'all! ____________________________________________ So who doesn't love a good date night?  Whether it's a night out on the town with a loved one or an afternoon out with friends, dates are great way to connect with people and to release some of the day's stresses.  My boyfriend Neal and I love t . . . Continue Reading »

Now That’s a Lot of Beef!

Last night's dining experience had to of been one of the funniest things I've been through in a long time.  I bought a Groupon to Texas De Brazil: Brazilian Steakhouse a few month back and had to use it by the 31st.  As I have plans tonight and tomorrow night, Sunday night was the only night that was really going to work for both Neal and I. When we arrived at the steakhouse there was an hour l . . . Continue Reading »

Hot Off The Press: 15K Training Program!!

I feel fantastic today!  I slept in this morning, waking up naturally at 7:30AM and then went back to sleep until 9:30AM.  After brushing my teeth and snuggling up on the couch, I poured myself a small bowl of Uncle Sam Strawberry cereal (thank you HLS Swag Bag!).  This cereal is very filling as it contains 8 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein. After breakfast I checked out some of my favorite . . . Continue Reading »

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

I can not begin to tell you how much I love this episode of Winnie the Pooh!  I thought about it all day today as hurricane Irene approached Washington, DC.  The rain started around 9:30AM and the wind quickly followed!  If preparation for today's weather, I made a Mediterranean pasta salad. I began by cutting up an English cucumber and halving a pint of cherry tomatoes.  I then rinsed a can of . . . Continue Reading »

Binge Eating Confession

I have been nervous all day about writing about this post, but my journey is as much about the bad times as it is about the good times.  I hope that y'all can relate to my experience and that my openness will help someone, someway. -Ashley- ____________________________________________ I have to confess, Thursday was a horrible day health/fitness wise for me.  It all started when my alarm clock w . . . Continue Reading »

Hurricane Prep!

I love weather.  I mean, I seriously love weather. When I was a kid I use to get so excited when we'd have a serve thunderstorm warning.  When the storm either missed us or it was weak, I would get so upset.  My poor parents, they would actually send me to my room because I would get so frustrated by the inaccurate forecasting. My dream was to become a meteorologist, so I applied to my dream sc . . . Continue Reading »

Wreally Wearly Wednesday

I was a good girl and went to bed at 10PM last night!  Woop Woop!  I even fought the urge to watch an episode of Friends and went straight to bed instead.  When my alarm went off at 4:45AM this morning I was alert and ready to conquer the day... until I realized it was 4:45AM.  Instead of crawling back into bed though, I changed right into my gym clothes and made a yummy bowl of oatmeal.  I have re . . . Continue Reading »

Earthquake: DC Edition


(source) Neal and I stayed up way too late on Monday night!  Our fantasy football draft from Sunday night had some complications so we had to restart the draft last night.  As most of the league lives in the Midwest, we didn't start the draft until 9:30PM EST.  2 hours into the draft, I knew it was going to be a long night.  In the end though, I ended up with a pretty good fantasy football tea . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Plan: August 22-28

Oh graduate school, how I've missed you so... Ok, not so much, but it's good to start another semester!  As each month passes, I am one step closer to finishing my masters degree!  Today was the first day of the fall semester.  I am now just 4 classes away from finishing my masters degree but my classes this fall look to be pretty tough.   I've spent most of the evening analyzing my syllabi and org . . . Continue Reading »

Healthy Living Summit: Philly Style

This weekend, Neal and I loaded up the car and headed up to Philadelphia, PA for the Healthy Living Summit.  Going into the weekend I was nervous, excited, and even a little scared.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I now  know that the Healthy Living Summit was where I was meant to be this past weekend. Friday night, Neal and I left DC at 4PM and ran into some crazy traffic along the way.  Lets . . . Continue Reading »

Major Delays

First off, as of this morning 9,090 people have stopped by Coffee Cake and Cardio since April 1, 2011.  Help me by-pass 10,000 views today.  Send www.coffeecakeandcardio.com to your friends!! Friday was another great day for me this week.  Woke up, showered, grabbed ice coffee, some breakfast and headed out the door.  As Neal and I were driving up to Philly for the Healthy Living Summit, we both l . . . Continue Reading »

The Downside to an Oversized Bag

It's FRIDAY!! but first... a Wednesday Night Recap  Wednesday night Neal and I met up to see the Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds at Nationals Park.  I love going to baseball games.  3 years ago I bought season tickets to the Nationals and was a ticket holder for two years.  I decided not to renew this past year, as graduate school tends to take up most of my free evenings.  Next year . . . Continue Reading »

Mission Wake Up

Mission "wake up when my alarm goes off and do not jump back into bed" is going really well this week.  Some mornings have been tougher than others, but the challenge to fight both the mental and physical in order to stick to my plan has been good.  I am finding that the nights I begin getting ready for bed by 10PM, thus getting me into bed around 10:30PM, leave me feeling awake and refreshed in t . . . Continue Reading »

Effects of Living in a Healthy City

Washington, DC is a beautiful city and although it is often known for its wild traffic, it is also one of the healthiest cities in the United States according to the 2011 American Fitness Index report. (source) The top 10 healthiest cities, according to the 2011 AFI report: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. Washington, D.C. Boston, Mass. Portland, Ore. Denver, Colo. San Francisco, . . . Continue Reading »