Wreally Wearly Wednesday

I was a good girl and went to bed at 10PM last night!  Woop Woop!  I even fought the urge to watch an episode of Friends and went straight to bed instead.  When my alarm went off at 4:45AM this morning I was alert and ready to conquer the day… until I realized it was 4:45AM.  Instead of crawling back into bed though, I changed right into my gym clothes and made a yummy bowl of oatmeal.  I have really been enjoying eating oatmeal this week and adding protein powder and peanut butter to my bowl has taken each breakfast to a whole new level.


I was out the door by 5:15AM and caught the metro train at 5:30AM.  I finished Carrots ‘N’ Cake while I was on the metro and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.  Tina is extremely honest in her book and I could relate to a lot of what she shared.

  • With a busy schedule, I often find myself trying to “squeeze” a workout into my day… instead I need to make working out a priority.
  • The winter months can be tough as there is little sun and I sometimes feel down in the dumps.  Working out and spending time with people I love during the winter helps me to stay upbeat even though the daylight and sunlight are limited.  Although I don’t have a dog, like Tina, I can’t wait to have one some day. 
  • I too have a peanut butter obsession… I have to keep it out of the house but I’m learning to have more self control. 
  • I have had to grow in my self-confidence, learning to love more and more about myself with each passing year. 

I arrived at the gym at 6:25AM, just in time for the 6:30AM spin class.  I was really looking forward to seeing my favorite instructor but sadly he wasn’t there.  Today’s instructor was OK, but I definitely enjoyed his playlist.  I burned 853 calories today, which was great for a 50 minute class!

After spin class I determined that I had TOTALLY earned an iced coffee, so I walked up the street to Starbucks before heading into work.  The work day was great, though it seemed to go by slowly.  After work I headed straight home and totally knocked out while riding the metro.  There’s just something about the swaying train that puts me right to sleep some days.  I was even doing the head bob thing and jolted myself awake a few times.  I’m sure the people around me were laughing.

Tonight for dinner I combined some leftover whole wheat pasta with the Trader Joe’s Pesto Chicken that I had made on Monday.  I had planned on making couscous tonight, but I’m trying to be good about using up my leftovers.

It’s a super early bedtime for me tonight as I’m going to another spin class in the morning.  Today in Self Magazine I read that sleep is one of the keys to physical recovery.  A full nights rest is shown to aid in the reduction of soreness caused by working out.  Yet another reason to get 8 full hours of sleep each night!

How many hours of sleep do you get each night?  How many hours of sleep to you need in order to feel rested?

I love getting 8-9 hours of sleep!  It leaves me feeling revived and refreshed.  I also love waking up without an alarm.  7:30AM tends to be my internal alarm clock, so any morning that allows me to sleep until then is pretty rocking awesome!

My plan for tomorrow looks like this:

  1. Spin class
  2. Work
  3. Quick trip to Target for some hurricane supplies (water, batteries, uno)
  4. Graduate work
  5. Fantasy football draft number 2
  6. Redskins football!!!

Looks to be a pretty AWESOME and busy day!!  Happy Thursday!


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    Oh my lord, it sounds like you have to get up so early just to commute to the gym! That is dedication! I get up at 5:12 am and am usually pulling into the gym parking lot around 5:26 a.m. I guess I am small town spoiled!

    It depends on how many hours a night I get. Usually about 6, but that is my own fault because i will go to bed later even though I know my alarm is going to be going off early.

    • says

      The gym I have a membership with has gyms all over DC. There’s one about 10 minutes down the street and one about 10 minutes from work. Although I could go to the gym near my house in the morning before work, I fear that issues on the train will make me late to work. By commuting first, I ensure that I’ll be at work on time since I’m already by work, if that makes sense. Its tough, but I always feel great after I workout. I’m getting there :)

      That’s great that you live so close to your gym!!

      • says

        That makes sense! I go in the mornings before my hubby goes to work, and I hate having to watch the clock to make sure that I get home on time and don’t make him late! It’s been nice being on vacation and going whenever the heck I feel like it, which today, incidentally, was not at all :-(

        I hear you on the pb obsession by the way, and if you are interested I am giving away 2 jars from Peanut Butter and Company on my blog tomorrow! You should enter :-)

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    You are totally amazing!! I got up at 4:45am but only because I couldn’t sleep, and went back to sleep at 6. Ha! I love getting at least 8 hours of sleep and definitely believe you function so much better when your body is well rested.

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