Locus of Control

Even though it's a lot of work, I love graduate school and I love my grad program.  Last week for one of my classes we focused on creating a learning assessment.  Through various assessments I was . . . Continue Reading »

Some Early Fall Favorites

1. Fall colors (source) 2.  PUMPKINS -- in all different forms! (source) 3.  Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread (source) 4.  University of Iowa Football 5.  NFL (source) 6.  Dunkin Donuts Coffee . . . Continue Reading »

Weight Watchers CORE Plan

Biggest Loser Challenge Week 1 Starting Weight: 226.6 pounds Week 1 Weight: 224.8 pounds Total Weight Lost: 1.8 pounds Woop Woop!  1.8 pounds lost!  A great first week.  Last week I . . . Continue Reading »

Hodge Podge Monday

Today's post is rather hodge podge as there is so much I want to share.  First off, who has seen this commercial?  I cried the first time I saw it and it still gets to me every time... It's really . . . Continue Reading »

Amish Market Giveaway

This morning I met up with my Aunt Danielle at the Annapolis, Maryland Amish Market. Before going inside though, my rock star Aunt taught me how to fold a fitted sheet!!  Checked that one off of my . . . Continue Reading »

Only 9 More Weeks?

Yesterday I received the most startling e-mail... We are only 9 weeks from Black Friday!! AHHHH!  I'll be honest, I had a small panic attack as I haven't even thought about the holidays yet.  They . . . Continue Reading »

Super Food!

When did it get so dark in the mornings?  Today is my day off, from workouts, and I thoroughly enjoyed "sleeping in" until 6:30AM.  I actually could not figure out what that noise was at 6:30AM until . . . Continue Reading »

My Scaleless Summer

This summer I tried out a Scaleless Summer, where I put away the scale and focused on what I was putting in my mouth instead of focusing on the number on the scale.  I started out the summer weighing . . . Continue Reading »

I Want To Be The Biggest Loser

Staying motivated is an extremely important part of losing weight.  Back in 2006-2007 when I set out to lose weight, I had loving friends and family around me to support me, but my biggest motivator . . . Continue Reading »

Cleveland Rocks!

This past weekend Neal and I went to Cleveland, OH to visit Neal's sister Jill and her husband Rob. We set off on our adventure after work on Friday, hitting the road at 5:17PM. The drive up to . . . Continue Reading »

Learning a New Hobby

Yesterday started out with a 2 mile run with Neal.  We've been really good about training and wake up bright and early on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday to do our runs.  Although we're running . . . Continue Reading »

Cereal Wars

I have learned so much about myself these past two days, just from counting my calories on  Yesterday I started out the day consuming way more calories than planned and learned a lot . . . Continue Reading »

Mexican Turkey Meatloaf

Lucky Charms... why do you do this to me?  This morning I decided to pour myself a bowl of Lucky Charms instead of having a bowl of oatmeal as planned.  I poured myself a bowl of cereal and enjoyed . . . Continue Reading »

Counting Calories

Happy Monday Everyone! Hard to believe that this will be my first full week of work in over 2 weeks.  Vacationing in Iowa gave me a two day work week two weeks ago and then Labor day gave us a 4 day . . . Continue Reading »