A Rainy Gameday


Saturday Recap After rolling out of bed this morning at 8AM, I joined Neal and his parents for breakfast at a new restaurant in town.   I had ever intention of going for a run this morning, but when my alarm went off at 6:30AM I had a terrible headache.  I'm sure the run would have done me good, but I took some advil and slept a little longer. The restaurant we went to had just about largest b . . . Continue Reading »

A Proud Hawkeye!

It's the weekend!! And not just any weekend, it's a 3 day weekend!! Yesterday was a really big day for Neal!  As a published author, he had a book signing at Fry Fest in Iowa City for his new book "What It Means To Be a Hawkeye". Before the book signing, Neal was able to show me around the University of Iowa.  It was so fun seeing where he went to school and the dorm he lived in while he was t . . . Continue Reading »