Facing My Age

I love birthdays.  I mean LOVE birthdays.  I love planning things for others birthdays, wishing people a happy birthday, and of course, counting down the days until my birthday.  My birthday is on October 16th and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Last week while on an early morning run, Neal told me that we’re going to be celebrating my birthday this year for a full week!  AHHH!  He’s calling it “birthday week“.

This coming Monday (October 10th) will be the first day of birthday week and I am stoked!  This is really the first year that I’ve felt “old”.  I always look forward to my birthday and am usually excited about my age, but this year it kinda hit me… “OMG, I am turning 27“.   Now I know, 27 is “young” but for whatever reason, it’s really hitting me that I’m getting older.

Still, I’m having a lot of fun!  I have an amazing job, I’m almost done with graduate school, I have the most amazing boyfriend, I love love love my family and friends, and I live is an incredibly vibrant city.  I have so much to be grateful for!   I’ve accomplished a lot in 27 years and I have a whole lot of living left to do!

Speaking of living, tonight I’m going out with my TEAM in Training BFF Becky!!  I adore her and am SO incredibly excited to hang out tonight.  I missed out on a hang out with her and our other BFF Dina last week, so I’m stoked to make it up tonight.

We’re planning to meet in Chinatown, grab some drinks, grab some dinner, and then we’re going to see “What’s Your Number?” staring Anna Faris!  I’m really excited to have a girls night.

Have an amazing Friday everyone!!

Have you had a birthday when your age really hit you?  If so, how old were you and what were you thinking/feeling?


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    I recently turned 29 and for the first time ever I got not one but several birthday cards that mocked getting older! Not so good. Having a whole week of celebrations sounds like a good way to deal with it though!

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    Oh shut up- you’re just a baby! :) No, I remember thinking the same thing about 27. For some reason, I thought it seemed really old!
    But, when I turned 30, I was ALL ABOUT IT. Your 30s are where it’s at! That being said- enjoy each day. You have a great attitude and yes- you do have a lot to be grateful for, but I’m sure that you’ve worked hard for it!
    (Two of my best friends birthdays are Oct. 15 and 17! Popular week!)

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    I didn’t really notice the last two years because they were both crazy school days! This year we celebrated like crazy, but I was just so happy to be in newlywed bliss. I think the next couple birthdays might be tougher. Lol.


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