NYC Day Trip and WW Week 5


This past weekend I went to NYC with my sister and Neal for a day on Saturday.  We left DC at 6:30AM, arriving in NYC at 10:30AM.  With a little under 12 hours to spend in NYC, we headed strait for Central Park!  I love Central Park and all there is to see and do there.  We walked a couple of miles and then found some spots to take a few engagement photos.  We hadn't planned on taking any, but taki . . . Continue Reading »

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

ipad cover

Here are just a few things I'm loving this holiday season... Gifts for Her 1.  Pink Oasis iPad Case 2.  Running On The Wall's Medal Display Rack 3.  Eye-Fi Mobile 4.  David's Tea Winter Collection 5.  Origin's Starting Over Moisturizer 6.  Reel A Palooza Weight Watchers Magnet 7.  The Crafty Husband's Grocery Magnets 8.  Hender Sweet's Scrabble . . . Continue Reading »

Post Thanksgiving Weekly Plan

I'm feeling HUGE post Thanksgiving.  I had a lot of fun this week, but man did I eat way too many calories. Thursday -- Ate too much cheese (cheese platter, pizza dip, cheesecake, and then more cheese) Friday -- Ate leftovers for lunch and then a heavy dinner Saturday -- NYC yumminess (pizza for lunch, fried calamari and fettuccine carbonara for dinner, and then the most AMAZING peanut . . . Continue Reading »

Turkey Days Recap!


These past two days have been fantastic! It all started Wednesday night after work.  After running a few errands, I set up shop in the kitchen and started to cook!  As Thursday looked to be a busy day, cooking Wednesday night was really important.  The ham and stuffing would have to wait for Thanksgiving day, so I decided to bake the pumpkin cheesecake, prep the autumn panzanella salad, and ma . . . Continue Reading »

Turkey Trot 2011

Time to Run

Yesterday, Neal and I tackled the Alexandria Turkey Trot like two super heroes! I started out the day with a NuGo Vanilla Yogurt bar and a big cup of coffee.  NuGo is a "new to me" brand of energy bars and I am OBSESSED with them!  So far, the vanilla yogurt bar is my favorite. The nutritional value of these bars is a huge draw.  I like energy bars, but the fat and calories is us . . . Continue Reading »

The Turkey Breast Quest


Last night Neal and I did all of our Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping!  $130 later, I've decided that eating Thanksgiving dinner out at a restaurant is much cheaper and you don't have to clean up afterwards!  We got everything we needed....BUT I can not find a turkey breast!  The two stores I went to last night were out. I'm hoping this is a sign that I don't need to cook turkey tomorrow, bu . . . Continue Reading »

Thankful For Friends


This past weekend I was able to spend some time with two of my dearest friends, Randy and Dara.  The memories I have with those two make me smile all the time.  We have had many laughs and have shared many margaritas with one another. I met Randy and Dara back in 2006 when we all worked at Dartmouth.  We were a crazy bunch, including the night we put a bike in a tree. 5 years later, we're al . . . Continue Reading »

Artist For a Day

Nov 19-20 019

Saturday night, Liz and I went to a painting class at Art by the Glazz.  What's better than painting, wine, and laughter with one of your best friends? With our aprons on, a blank canvas before us, and a plethora of paint, Liz and I both started to work on our masterpieces. We were given a small picture, which we could follow to a T or we could alter it as we pleased.  I d . . . Continue Reading »

Cranberry Crawl 10K


This morning Neal and I ran our first race together, the Cranberry Crawl 10K!  We started training for a 15K back in September and ran our longest run to date, 10 miles, last weekend.  This race came at a perfect point in our training and was a great way for Neal and I to get a race in before the Hot Chocolate 15K in December. Last night, I laid out everything I needed for today's r . . . Continue Reading »

Point Two

Wednesday 10.19.11 005

Last night I made by way to Weight Watchers after work, feeling good about the week I had just finished.  I worked really hard last Wednesday-Friday, counting my points daily.  I also followed my workout plan, running Wednesday morning, going to kickboxing Thursday night, and running again Friday morning. Although Neal and I went to Cleveland over the weekend and I didn't count my points, I k . . . Continue Reading »

Lots on the Plate

cleveland 002

This past weekend, Neal and I drove up to Cleveland, OH to visit Neal's sister Jill and her family.  It was so good to see Jill, Rob and their baby, Annabelle. Annabelle is just 3 weeks old and we just couldn't seem to take our eyes off of her.  Isn't funny how you can just watch a baby sleep and it's the most entertaining thing ever? Neal loved spending time with his niece and I can't c . . . Continue Reading »

Holidays- Everywhere I Look

Wednesday 10.19.11 045

The holidays are approaching quickly!!  Everywhere I look I see pieces of fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It really is a beautiful time of year!  The air is crisp, the skies are blue, the leaves are changing colors and Target is filled with Christmas stuff. Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy this time of the year.  Any fun plans this weekend? This weekend Neal and I are in Cleveland to visi . . . Continue Reading »

Burning Calories: Part 2

As I shared yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about my daily calorie burn.  Thankfully, this month's issue of Prevention magazine offered 100 examples of ways to up our calorie burn. Little Change, Big Impact Hide your remote control.  This will get you up and off the couch every time you want to change the channel When unloading your groceries, bring bags inside in small trips rather t . . . Continue Reading »

Burning Calories: Part 1


First off, do you remember this kid?  He was Renee Zellweger's son in the movie Jerry Maguire.  Well look at him now!! WOWZERS!  It's honestly a little weird to see him now.  I want to remember him as that cute little kid who asked a gazillion questions. So I've been thinking a lot lately about the calories we burn throughout the day.  For me, it's easy to only think about the calories I burn wh . . . Continue Reading »

Point Six


As I stood on the scale last night, I feared that I had gained at least 3 pounds from my weekend in Texas.  Just before the leader told me my weight, she looked at me and said "It's just a number Ashley".  In the end, I gained .6 pounds (point six) last week but I'm so relieved. Did I gain weight? Yes, but I really thought I had gained so much more.  It showed me that I made a lot more good ch . . . Continue Reading »