Detox Grocery Shopping: Week 1


T-minus 2 days until the start of my January detox!  To prepare for Monday, my pantry had to go through its own detox.   I'd like to say that I have enough self control to ignore all of the carbs in my kitchen when I'm detoxing, but the reality is, if it's there I will be tempted.  I didn't want to just throw away perfectly good food, so instead I put my carbs in a box to save for week thr . . . Continue Reading »

January Kickoff Detox Plan


Oh happy days!!  The Bachelor starts on Monday, (source) The Biggest Loser starts again on Tuesday and Grey's Anatomy returns on Thursday!  2012 is looking awesome already! (source) Aside from three of my favorite shows starting up next week, I will also be starting Whole Living's 21 Day Action Plan on Monday!  With the help of Whole Living, I am going to use the first three weeks of . . . Continue Reading »

Pro Football Hall of Fame


Yesterday was a sad, sad day. I ordered a venti coffee and was given a traditional Starbucks cup.  Had I known Sunday would have been my last day with a Starbucks holiday cup, I would have treasured it that much more. With my "plain" coffee cup in hand, Neal and I headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Neal was so thankful that I "allowed" him to go to the hall of fame, but the . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas Traditions


This was not my first Christmas away from home, but it was my first Christmas without my family. Back in 2008, I spent Christmas in England with my Dad's family. Although I wasn't with my parents and my siblings, being with my Dad's family was really special. This year, Neal and I stayed in Washington, DC until Christmas Day as we had tickets to the Redskins game and then had plans to go up to . . . Continue Reading »

My Favorite Gift!


Season's greetings from sunny Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Christmas Story house.  Yesterday was actually sunny and beautiful, but today the rain rolled in and lots of snow is to follow. Neal and I drove up to Cleveland Christmas day after opening up a few presents.  I love Christmas for many reasons, but opening presents just makes me so happy!  Seeing all of the wrapped presents, seeing lo . . . Continue Reading »

Jewish Coffee Cake

Jewish Coffee Cake

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Today I would like to share a Christmas morning tradition with you all.  Every Christmas, my Mom makes Jewish Coffee Cake, a recipe that was passed down to her from her mom.  Sadly I never met my Grandmother Florence, but this coffee cake makes me smile and think fondly of the stories my mom shares of her. I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your time with l . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas Eve Day 2011


Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope that today finds you full of joy, happiness and love.  No matter where you are or who you're with, I hope that you are happy and full of peace. Today, Neal and I went to the Redskins vs. Vikings NFL game here in Washington, DC.  We honestly couldn't have asked for a nicer December 24th.  The weather was OUTSTANDING!!  The wind was chilly, but the sun was super warm . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas Eve Eve 2011


Today was one of the best days I've had in a while.  It started off Friday night with one of my favorite dinners; sautéed spinach and garlic with pasta and Parmesan cheese. First I heat a little olive oil in a pan and add a clove (or two) of garlic. Sautee the garlic for about 2 minutes, until soft, and then add the fresh spinach. The spinach will wilt rather quickly, which is . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Planning Update


It has been almost 3 months since Neal and I got engaged and man have we gotten a lot of planning done! So far we've accomplished the following: We booked our wedding photographer (first thing we booked!) We booked our church and reception venue We booked our caterer I Bought my wedding dress We took fall engagement photos (my sister was our photographer) I found my bridesmaid's . . . Continue Reading »

Smoked Panini Goodness


Remember the Griddler Neal got for his birthday? Well, we christened it Monday night and It. Was. Awesome!  There are so many different panini options, but Neal and I decided to create a "Smoked Panini". On top of sourdough bread we added smoked gouda, smoked havarti, smoked ham, and spicy mustard. With a little spritz of non-stick cooking spray, the panini sandwiches were ready to . . . Continue Reading »

I “Hate” Running!

running 1

I have a confession, I secretly want to hate running but I just keep falling for it.  It woos me.  It teases me.  It shows me time and time again that my body is stronger than my mind. When I was a child, I feared running.  I was overweight, I struggled with my asthma, and I feared not being able to finish (well, I still feel these things some times).  I remember crying halfway through the mile . . . Continue Reading »

Peanut Butter Hugs


This weekend was fantastic!  Just what the doctor ordered.  The first half of the weekend was a whirlwind, but Sunday was just perfect.  After a Target run Sunday morning, Neal and I headed over to Panera for a lunch date. Look at all of that glorious bread!  Neal and I have had panini's on the brain this week, thanks to his new Griddler, so seeing all of that bread motivated me to cre . . . Continue Reading »

A Whirlwind Weekend


This weekend has been AWESOME! Last week was a whirlwind... busy, non-stop, etc... and yet I don't really remember what all I did. Isn't it funny how some weeks play out that way? This weekend started out with an office happy hour Friday after work. I couldn't wait for that ice cold beer to hit my lips, 2 of them actually. We had a blast Friday night. I'm very thankful for my co-workers. It . . . Continue Reading »

Panini Planning


This year for Neal's birthday, my parents bought him a Cuisinart Griddler! (source) Since meeting Neal, he's always talked about wanting to make panini sandwiches at home and how great having a panini press would be.  With this awesome kitchen appliance, which has interchangeable plates, you can grill, press, and sear just about anything.  (source) Neal and I are going to break out the G . . . Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Superstitions

Nov 19-20 031

Last night after work I headed home, changed into my Weight Watchers gear, grabbed a piece of cheese for a post weigh-in snack, and headed over to Weight Watchers to weigh-in.  And yes, I had a post weigh-in snack... I was HUNGRY! As I waited in line to weigh-in, I secretly prayed that the third scale would open up (my scale) but the first one opened up.  The leaders said "step on up" but I q . . . Continue Reading »