Green-Chili Chili

While searching for a steel cut oats recipe, I came across an Iowa Girl Eats recipe that I had been wanting to try for a while… White Chili!  I modified the recipe a little bit and created Weight Watchers friendly Green-Chili Chili.

Green-Chili Chili


-1 tablespoon vegetable oil

– 2 sweet onions, chopped

– 2 TBSP minced garlic

– 1/2 TBSP ground cumin

– 1 4.5 ounce can chopped green chilies

– 4 whole jalapenos, pickled, minced (I like it hot, though the soup turned out mild)

– 1 rotisserie chicken, remove meat and shred

– 1 can northern beans, drained and rinsed

– 3 cups chicken broth

– 1/2 TBSP oregano

– salt & pepper

– 1 1/2 TBSP green Tabasco sauce

– 1/4 cup fat free half and half

– 1 TBSP corn starch

With my iPad in hand and my ingredients laid out, I headed into the kitchen and started to cook!


1. In a large pot, saute onions in oil on medium low heat until onions are translucent. Add garlic and cumin, and stir until fragrant.

2. Add all ingredients from green chilies to Tabasco sauce into the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.

3. Stir corn starch and milk together, add to pot and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes until thickened.

** while the chili was cooking, I prepared the cornbread according to the box directions.  Man of man was this good cornbread!

Today’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Cinnamon steel cut oats, blackberries, 1/4 cup of cranberries and tea

Lunch – Ham and cheese sandwich, hummus, broccoli, and carrots

Snacks – banana and granola bar

Dinner – Green Chili Chili ( the last of it… sadness) and jalapeno cornbread

Today’s Workout Plan (#20daychallenge)

30 minutes on treadmill and 15 minutes on stairmaster

Weight Watchers Update — Week 6 Results

Starting Weight: 229.4 pounds

Week 6 Results: gained .4 pounds (point 4)

Total Weight Loss: -1.8 pounds (227.6)

The reality with Weight Watchers is, I haven’t been strict in regards to counting my points.  I count my points about 80% of the day (breakfast, lunch and snacks) but then get lax when it comes to dinner.  Things are just so up in the air each night… am I going out with friends?  Are Neal and I hanging out?  Will I be too tired to cook?  Will I change my mind in regards to what I want to eat?  Will I overeat or binge?

I need and want to get strict.  I want to follow the Weight Watchers plan 100%, not just 80% of the time.  I want to lose more weight and stop teeter tottering between 228 pounds and 227 pounds.  Here are my concerns for this next Weight Watchers week…

Wednesday Getting my workout in (busy day)
Thursday Going out to dinner with friends
Friday Going out to dinner with Neal
Saturday Neal’s Birthday (dinner)
Sunday Catering tasting and Neal’s birthday party
Monday Business lunch
Tuesday Weigh In

The reality is, life will always be filled with events so it’s a matter of creating a plan and following through with it.  I need to create a plan each day for how I can tackle each hurdle and then work hard to achieve my goals.  I can do this!  I want to lose weight!


  1. says

    Love the chili recipe, Ash! Looks like another good one for all of the cold weather that’s ahead…
    As for WW, for the month of December, I’ve decided that I’m focusing on maintaining, rather than losing. Sure, losing would be nice- but I know that there are so many different occasions coming up over the next few weeks that I won’t want to constantly be thinking about points all of the time, and will just want to enjoy myself (within limits, without overeating). Then I’ll get back on track for New Years… just like everyone else always plans to. :)
    You’re eating well and exercising- you’re doing good things! Just remember that.

    • says

      I think that sounds like a great plan Lauren! You’ll like what they share at WW tonight. You’ll have the ability to adjust your points, which will help you to maintain over the holidays.

  2. says

    YUM! This chili looks delicious and your cornbread seems like the perfect match.

    Good luck with your healthy living goals! You are on the right track with your positive thinking. YOU CAN DO IT! Remember it’s always mind over matter. You’re strong!

  3. says

    Your chili looks delicious!

    I’m sure that you will be able to lose the weight especially when the holiday season ends. Bingeing is a tough problem to beat. If you ever want to chat about binges or anything feel free to shoot me an email! I know you want to lose weight but I think you’re pretty fantastic right now :)

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