A Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend has been AWESOME! Last week was a whirlwind… busy, non-stop, etc… and yet I don’t really remember what all I did. Isn’t it funny how some weeks play out that way?

This weekend started out with an office happy hour Friday after work. I couldn’t wait for that ice cold beer to hit my lips, 2 of them actually. We had a blast Friday night. I’m very thankful for my co-workers. It really is a joy working with them.

With the help of Elfster, my co-workers and I organized a Secret Santa for that night. My Santa got me the new Michael Buble Christmas CD… AND. IT’S. AWESOME!

I started off my Saturday morning, listening to my new CD and wrapping Christmas presents. I won’t be with my family this Christmas, so I had to get all of their presents in the mail yesterday morning. It’s tough being away from family, but I’m also grateful that I’m able to afford gifts and shipping.

After a run to the post office, I was off to the Verizon Center to watch American University take on Georgetown. I LOVE Men’s Basketball and am thrilled be able to go to so many games, especially downtown.

Before the game, I stopped by the District Chop House for a little breakfast with some co-workers.

Then it was on to the Verizon Center to watch a little basketball!

Saturday night I babysat my favorite kiddos!  These are seriously the cutest family and am THRILLED to have all 4 kids in my wedding this summer.  I just adore them.  Last night we watched Santa Claus 2 and a little of 101 Dalmatians before the parents got back.

This morning I’m blogging and watching The Family Stone, a Christmas classic in my opinion.  Today Neal and I are going to run a bunch of errands, watch a little football, and then we’re going to dinner with my Uncle Jim in Arlington.

I’ve had a truly awesome weekend and am looking forward to a fresh start on Monday.  I didn’t count Weight Watchers points every day last week and want to make it my goal to count points every day next week.  I’m also looking forward to getting some awesome workouts in.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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      Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting. It really means a lot to me. Oh, and I was totally balling this morning when I was watching it.

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