January Foodie Pen Pal


When I was a kid, I loved the thought of having a pen pal.  In the 2nd grade I had my first pen pal and remember how excited I was to send a letter to someone unknown and to receive a letter in return.  At the end of December, I heard about a Foodie Pen Pal program that Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean organizes. I was SO excited to be a part of this Food Pen Pal group, both because I was able t . . . Continue Reading »

Sweating to the Newbies


As I get back to the locker room after a workout,  I take off my Garmin forerunner, turn off Pandora, and unplug myself from my iPod or iPad.  Can you even imagine working out without all these gadgets these days? (source) Back in high school I remember carrying my cd player around the gym, dropping it on many occasions.  When the ipod came into my life, my workouts forever changed.  Buying i . . . Continue Reading »

7 Things about Ashley


Last week, Lynne from L.G.Smash asked me to share on my blog seven things about myself.  I have a love/hate relationship with activities like this.  I think they're so fun to read but can actually be a little challenging to write.   None the less, I hope y'all enjoy this! 1.  My senior year of high school, I was the state champion in powerlifing.  Powerlifting is a sport in which you compete to . . . Continue Reading »

Why Does It Seem like Everyone Has a Gluten Intolerance These Days?


2 years ago, I had never even heard of gluten.  Ok, maybe it was mentioned at some point in my studies in high school or college, but when gluten free products started showing up everywhere, I had to figure out what gluten was and why people were needing to remove it from their diets. From my readings, I have seen that most sources recommend for people to remove gluten from their diet as a . . . Continue Reading »

Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods


Yesterday my sister sent me the most disturbing article from Huffpost Healthy Living.  Tyler Graham, co-author of The Happiness Diet, shares his top ten reasons to avoid processed foods. (source) Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods 1: Deciphering food label ingredients leads to unappetizing results. Take the innocuous-sounding castoreum, which is used to enhance the flavor of puddings, . . . Continue Reading »

A Few New Favorite Products


First off, be sure to check out my guest post on Bite Size Wellness!  The post focuses on the importance of portion control in one's journey to lose weight. So this week I have found a few new products.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm coming off of the Whole Living Detox and my eyes are open to the world of food or if I'm really just finding new treats.  Either way, I'm loving what I'm fi . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Recap


30 days ago I decided to take on Whole Living's 21 day detox challenge.  Unlike many detox plans, the Whole Living challenge encouraged whole eating while at the same time detoxing you from processed foods.  Once I made the decision to take the challenge, I didn't look back and I'm so glad I didn't. As you look at my 21 days you'll see that I followed the plan to the best of my ability but was n . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 20-21: Healthy Choices When Eating Out

Detoxing this weekend was a challenge as I was in Boston visiting my bridesmaid Melissa.  Going into the weekend, I decided to strive to make wise choices and to continue to track my calories using My Fitness Pal on my iPad. Saturday (1705 calories total) Breakfast- Bagel with light cream cheese at airport (494 calories) Lunch- Strawberry smoothie from Panera Bread (260 . . . Continue Reading »

Boston Bridesmaid Getaway


This past weekend I was able to fly up to Boston to spend the weekend with my bridesmaid Melissa and her family.  After flying into Logan Saturday morning, Melissa and I headed strait to Alfred Angelo to do some bridesmaid dress shopping. Melissa tried on so many beautiful dresses, and looked amazing in them all too by the way, but she went with the black dress!!  I love it and she l . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 19: Boston Bound

Happy Saturday everyone!  I am here at Baltimore Washington Airport waiting for my flight to Boston to see my bridesmaid Melissa.  This weekend away couldn't have come at better time  and I'm excited to have some girl time.  Although my brain is rather consumed with my ever growing to-do list, I hope to use this weekend to relax and detox my brain/emotions. So lets talk a little bit about air . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 18: Life Management


Life is crazy busy these days y'all.  Go, go, go.  Work, work, work.  Read, read, read.  Write, write, write.  I should just apologize now because I have a feeling y'all will be reading about my stress levels and work load a lot over the next month and a half.  So how do I manage it all?  How do I keep my stress levels down with things are so busy? 1.  WORK OUT!  Working out is a huge part of my . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 17: The Gym Locker


Yesterday morning, some of my workout gear and toiletries found a new home in my permanent gym locker at work. Packing for my gym locker was a lot of fun.  Here's what I included: 2 towels 2 t-shirts 1 pair of short 1 pair of spandex 3 pairs of socks 2 sports bras 1 pair of shoes deodorant smell goods spray gel hair brush shampoo and cream rinse (conditioner as . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 16: Calorie Overload


The Whole Living Detox has been a wonderful experience for me over these past two weeks.  My focus up until this point has been to only eat the food on the plan, but as I move into week three I am realizing the importance of calorie counting. As I add more food options to my diet each week, I've seen the important of only eating when hungry, listening to my body, and watching my portions.  A . . . Continue Reading »

Whole Living Detox Day 15: Spa Day


After a wonderful nights stay at the Poplar Spring Inn (read about Day 1 here), Neal and I were awoken by our complementary breakfast yesterday morning.  Breakfast being delivered to our room was so cute and very romantic. I must admit, it was nice being able to roll out of bed, open the door, and have a fresh and healthy breakfast delivered to your bed. Various pastries, fresh fruit, . . . Continue Reading »

Poplar Springs Inn and Spa

Poplar Springs Inn and Spa

Lets just say that I took a little bit of a detox timeout Sunday and it all started with this little number at Founding Farmers. OMG y'all, I just love beef and although it is not apart of my detox, it was really nice being able to have beef.  While I enjoyed my burger topped with veggies and avocado, Neal dove into his mac and cheese topped with the bacon (from my burger). After . . . Continue Reading »