My Nike FuelBand

Have you heard about the Nike+ FuelBand?  Lets just say that the moment I heard about Nike’s new gadget, I knew it would be a wise investment in my quest to lose weight and to live a healthy lifestyle.  I am in love with my Nike FuelBand.

The Nike+ FuelBand is an accelerometer which tracks your everyday movements; translating all of your steps, jumps, dance moves, and everyday motions into “Nike Fuel”.

My Nike+ FuelBand arrived yesterday morning and I couldn’t set it up fast enough.

The system includes your Nike+ FuelBand, usb charger, and sizing pieces.

I ordered a size medium, using Nike’s measuring tape, and did not need to enlarge it.  If I had needed to though, the instructions were easy to understand and all of the pieces are organized in the box.

With my Nike+ account set up, I plugged her in and allowed her to charge.  Charging took about 45 minutes, roughly, but the battery was empty upon receipt.

The FuelBand can stay charged up to four days, which is awesome, but I’ll still probably charge it every other day.  The worst is when  a gadget’s battery dies in the middle of the day or workout, aka my Garmin Forerunner.

The Nike+ FuelBand is extremely sleek, very comfortable, and is just overall kickass.  The other awesome feature is that the FuelBand can connect to your mobile device via bluetooth!  It also has airplane mode, which I’ll be using tonight.

This is a snapshot of my day thus far.  On my iPad I am able to sync my FuelBand, seeing how many calories I’ve burned, steps I’ve taken, and the distance I’ve traveled.  You can see all of this on the actual FuelBand as well, but I love being able to see all of my activity over time, not just for one day.  Right now my goal is low, 2000, but I want to see what a “normal” day looks like before setting a goal.  I didn’t want to set a goal of 5000, if I usually only reach 3000.  3500-4000 is probably a more realistic goal if that’s the case.

I also love that I can see when I was the most active during the day and how long I was active.  Today was a little odd because I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up at 1:30AM having not packed for my trip to Texas…. hence the spike in activity at 2AM.  I also didn’t make it to the gym today, as of yet, so I may not be able to see a day with a workout included.

I love my Nike+ FuelBand already.  I find myself wanting to take the long way to the copy machine, taking the stairs to a meeting, and pushing myself harder to reach my goal.  I highly recommend this product and can not wait to compete with myself every day to break my Nike Fuel record!

Be sure to follow @NikeFuel to find out when the next wave of FuelBands will be on sale.


  1. says

    My friend Chris has something like this- I’m not sure if it’s by Nike though. He was telling me about it and it sounds similar. I’ll be very curious to see what you think about it after using it for a while!
    I’ve contemplated getting a Bodybugg several times, but am always so wary of how accurate things really are (for example- my heart rate monitor tells me that I burn about 2x the calories that I actually do).
    I am a total nerd for gadgets and stats though- and just love stuff like this!

  2. Mike says

    Watch out…mine somehow already broke on Thursday night (Day 1)

    Seems something got “stuck” on the accelerometer, as I am highly pinging my results on the graph, and the numbers reflect.

    Lets just say that until it broke on day 1 , I was doing great, hit about 6000 that day on my own, then at 10pm i was earning 1000/hour for sitting in a chair.

    Overnight I earned 15000 while asleep.

    Day 2 I still wore it (they are shipping me a replacement) since it is still a cool watch, and I earned a total of 42,516 fuel.

    So far today I already have 25,617 fuel

    I am either superman, or this is broken.

  3. says

    hi there!
    thanks for the insight. i just got mine and like it, but wonder why it doesnt display my cals or steps on the bad itself…?
    should it? or is that info only available when i plug into my computer?

  4. says

    Hi Ashley. I just got mine a few weeks ago and really liking it so far. I’m curious if you’re still using your Fuel Band, now ~1yr later? Thanks!

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