And So The Countdowns Begin…

I am so excited to share that Coffee Cake and Cardio was nominated for “Best Weight Loss Blog” by Fitness Magazine!  It would mean the world to me if y’all would take a minute to vote for Coffee Cake and Cardio.  It’ll only take a few moments.

In other exciting news, I submitted my Master’s Capstone Project to Kansas State Tuesday morning!  I am one step closer to finishing my Master’s degree.  Having that off my plate has me looking to the future and all of the exciting stuff coming up…

Stephanie Arrives – 6 days
Melissa Arrives- 8 days
Girls Weekend with Becky, Melissa, and Stephanie- 8 days
First Dress Fitting- 39 days
Graduate from Kansas State- 65 days
Bridal Shower- 80 days
Wedding- 120 days
Honeymoon- 122 days

It is all so exciting but I want to make sure I stay in the moment each day.  With things so busy, it is extremely important to stay focused.  I think a lot of people lose their focus when things get crazy.  Here are my recommendations for making the most of each day as you get closer to a big event…

1.  Create a weekly plan.  Include any plans you may have (eating out, hanging out, etc.), your workout plans, and your meal plans (if you want to plan it all out).  Check out this week’s plan here.

2.  Stick to your weekly plan.  You’ve just put all that time and energy into creating your plan, don’t cheat yourself, stick to it.

3.  Focus on your weekly goals.  Make fun and realistic goals, that way you stay motivated and focused.

4.  Track your calories or watch your portion sizes (I use My Fitness Pal).

5.  Make the most of your workouts.  If you’ve put on workout clothes, made it to the gym or set up your living room to do a workout video, make the most of your workouts.  You’ve already done the hard part, getting to your workout, now enjoy it!

6.  Let your friends and loved ones know what your goals are.  They can help you along the way.

7.  Drink lots of water!

Remember, things come up, so you  have to be ready to adjust to new plans (or food cravings).  Let’s take this past Tuesday for instance.  It was on my workout plan to go to spin in the morning, but since Neal needed my car that day, I had to nix my gym plans.  At spin Wednesday morning, I pushed myself to apply more tension to the bike and to cycle faster than I normally do.  I decided that I was going to make the most of my Wednesday workout since I had missed Tuesday’s class.

How do you stay on track each day?  What tips do you have leading up to a big event?



  1. says

    Congrats on the nomination, Ashley- that is so awesome! I’ll make sure that I vote for you.
    You have so much exciting stuff coming up and a great attitude about it (remembering to enjoy and live in the moment!)
    I think you forgot an important event on your countdown though- opening day for the Nats, right? :) Tix go on sale today (we’re going to the Sox/Nats pre-season game on Tues April 3rd btw…)

  2. says

    wow, congrats on being nominated! :) i just voted for you of course!

    that’s great that you have so many things to look forward to. soak up every moment of wedding planning fun. it goes by so quickly & you only get to do it once!

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