Wedding Reception Venue Walk-through

A few weeks ago, I met my caterer up at my reception venue to do a walk-through.

I adore our reception venue and doing a walk-through made our wedding very real!  It was so fun talking to the caterers, discussing where tables should be, how I want things set up, and the day of event timeline.

For me, the venue brings a piece of the outdoors inside.  I love the log cabin feel with the stainless steel lights.  LOVE!

My favorite feature however is the stone fireplace!  Imagine pillar candles in the fireplace and Neal and I having our first dance in front of it all… magic!

I am so excited and can not wait for y’all to see pictures from the wedding.  I really hope that the ideas in my head work for this space.

AHHHH!  I’m getting married in less than 4 months!!


Tuesday’s Food Log

Breakfast- sandwich thin, peanut butter, and a banana

Lunch- spinach, chicken breast, croutons, and light caesar dressing

Snack- blood orange Greek yogurt, rice cakes, and a banana

Dinner- sandwich thin with cheese

Workout- 60 minute spin class


Today is day 1 of my mid-semester vacation, YAY, and I have a laundry list of things to do…

  • Spin at 5:45AM (cycle boot camp)
  • Laundry
  • Clean my apartment: Kitchen, Bathroom, living room… pretty much the whole thing
  • Ship my Foodie Pen Pals package to Freckles & Spice
  • Do graduate work, finishing all of the week’s assignments
  • Visit my friend Danielle
  • Pick up Stephanie from the airport

I am overjoyed to have my closest friends in town this week!!

Do your best friends live in the same city as you?  What’s your idea of a “girls weekend”?


  1. says

    What a BEAUTIFUL venue! So pretty. That’s going to look amazing.

    Both of my best friends live houuuuurs away! Sucks sometimes, but Skype helps. In terms of a girls weekend? There needs to be a nice mix of going out and dancing…combined with some quality pajama/chick flick time :)

  2. says

    That place is awesome- it will be PERFECT for your big day!!
    Most of my best friends still live near me, but I still never really get to see them. Everyone is so busy!
    A girls’ weekend will be so awesome!
    I’d love to rent a house in the mountains and hike and kayak during the day, and then watch girly movies and eat good food at night.
    You’ll have so much fun and HOORAY for the weather!!

  3. says

    Fun! It is so great that you are enjoying your planning experience. Your venue looks amazing. I actually just booked a night at the place I got married for a romantic night to celebrate our 1-year anniversary! :)
    Yay for girls weekend!

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