Texas meets DC

Happy Friday everyone!! My bridesmaids weekend is finally here! I am overjoyed to have Stephanie, Melissa, and Becky in town this weekend for a girls getaway. Wednesday night Stephanie flew in so we had an extra day to spend together on the front end before taking off for West Virginia today.

Yesterday Stephanie and I went shopping at Nordstrom Rack, grabbed some smoothies/sandwiches at Tropical Smoothie, and then gussied up for our evening downtown.

Stephanie is an amazing makeup artist, so I was more than happy to have her doll me up for the evening.  She’ll actually be doing my wedding week makeup (YAY) so it was fun to play with her products yesterday.

Although Stephanie has been to DC before, it was fun taking her on the metro.  There’s just something special about the metro.  The crowds of people, the train conductor you can not understand, and the colorful map.  It really makes you feel like you’re in a big city.

Once downtown, we met Neal at Chinatown and headed over to the portrait gallery.  The National Portrait Gallery is my FAVORITE museum in DC because it is filled with all of the portraits of our nation’s presidents.  After a loop around the museum we headed over to Hill Country BBQ for some drinks and dinner.

As many of y’all know, Hill Country BBQ is catering my wedding so it has become a tradition to bring people from out of town there for some grub.

Dinner was fantastic!! Brisket, ribs, chicken, baked beans, mac n’ cheese German potato salad, banana pudding, and red velvet cake… OH MY!  The margaritas and jello shots, oh yes I said jello shots, were awesome too!

Afterwards we walked around downtown, finding Living Social, the house where Lincoln died, and H&M.  While at H&M I received an e-mail from my capstone advisor that my capstone project had been approved and it was being sent to the Graduate School!!! Oh man, I am one step closer to graduating!

We had a wonderful day today and we can not wait to get the girls weekend started!  This morning Neal, Stephanie, Becky, and I are going to breakfast at Mancini’s and then the girls are going grocery shopping for the weekend ahead.  After picking up Melissa from the airport, we’re off to West Virginia!!

I hope that y’all have a fantastic weekend.  Don’t forget that you can still enter my springtime giveaway until Monday morning.



  1. [...] Stephanie came into town late Wednesday night but the official weekend didn’t start until Friday.  Friday morning Becky, Stephanie, Neal, and I went to breakfast at Mancini’s to kick off the official start to the weekend.  Although Neal wasn’t coming to the cabin, I loved that he was able to join us for breakfast!  He’s such an awesome fiance! [...]

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