Ladies Night Fiesta Party

Friday night, after a few cocktails, Stephanie made us an amazing Mexican feast!  To start, I put together the tomato lime salsa dip that Annica sent me last month.  Let me just tell you, this was A-MAZING!

For dinner Stephanie made us turkey tacos, homemade Mexican rice, refried beans, and the most amazing cheese, pepper and tomato dish.

This was seriously one of the best homemade Mexican dishes I’ve ever had!  The sauce with the peppers was so flavorful and added a cheesy/semi spicy flavor to the entire dish.  I honestly wanted to pour it all over the dish.

After dinner we made a few more cocktails and then made our way to the hot tub!  The hot tub had too much chlorine in it, but it was still a lot of fun to sit outside in a hot tub with my best friends.

After an hour in the hot tub we all got cleaned up, changed into our PJ’s, and then tried out a Bath and Body Works Blackberry face mask Melissa brought.

The face mask was pretty cool but the pictures were way better!  Friday was a blast and the perfect start to the girls weekend.  Wait until you see what we did Saturday…


So yesterday I TOTALLY forgot about my Springtime Giveaway!! Oops!  Congratulations to Eleah on winning this month’s giveaway!!

Yesterday was a very good day!  I worked out at the gym before work, blogged, worked all day, and then spent the evening with Neal.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I stayed under my calorie count for the day?  I will say that I was uber hungry when I got home from work but I decided to drink water until Neal got home.  Neal wanted to cook me dinner and I knew that diving into my kitchen cabinets wouldn’t be my best decision.

For dinner, Neal made me a panini and sweet potato puffs.  The panini was layered with BBQ chicken lunch meat, fat free cheese, honey mustard, onions and tomatoes on two slices of rye bread.  It was a very tasty sandwich and was only 264 calories.

I hope for today to be a successful day two!  Engagement photos here I come!


  1. Katy says

    Way to get back on track after your FUN weekend – you ROCK!!! A hot tub?! Jealous! And seriously Stephanie, I’m drooling just looking at the pics of that amazing dinner. :)


  1. [...] and LOTS of awesome Mexican food.  Stephanie’s mom made us an amazing dinner, complete with chicken fajita tacos, rice, beans, and lots of amazing salsas.  Stephanie made this spicy green salsa that was to die for.  Remember the last time she cooked for me? [...]

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