Our Saturday Morning Shred

Although my bridesmaids and I did our share of drinking on Friday, we set out to burn some calories first thing Saturday morning.

I don’t think there’s anything better than working out with your friends and truly wished they all lived here in DC (and my family!!).  Becky’s and my friendship actually blossomed while training for a half marathon with Team in Training back in 2009, so working out on Saturday brought back a lot of fond memories of our runs together.

On the agenda for the morning was Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, Power 90 Ab Ripper, and a hike.

I have never done the 30 Day Shred for 30 days straight but LOVE doing the workout here and there!  I’d really like do it for a full 30 days one of these months.

The workout is just 20 minutes long, combining cardio, strength, and abs.

After The Shred we did the Power 90 Ab Ripper which was essentially 200 more ab moves.  We were sooo ready to be done by move 180!  After that we headed out for a hike.

The air was cool and crisp but the sun was hot.  What month is it again?

The morning was perfect and a fantastic way to start off day two of the bridesmaid’s weekend…


Day 2 of my “countdown to engagement photos” went very well.  My calories were on point and I even went for a 2.29 mile run over lunch today!

Breakfast- bagel with light cream cheese and iced coffee (555 calories)

Lunch- lentils and a veggie patty (360 calories)

Snack- Greek yogurt (140 calories)

Dinner- chicken panini and sweet potato fries (391 calories)

Total calories- 1446 calories

Calories burned- 467 calories

Nike Fuel- 2509/3000

Day 3 is looking pretty good… cycle bootcamp, work, and then a Women’s Lacrosse game.  I can’t wait to get outside after work and to enjoy this amazing March weather.


  1. Lauryn says

    I serioously love the house you guys are in! Is it like an A frame house? Its so beautiful, thats what i have in my head for my dream home ;) Anyways I am so excited for you and your wedding!!! Your reception venue is breathtaking as well and i love the color cobalt! My prom dress one year was that color and its fabulous in pictures!!!

  2. says

    Looks like you had a great weekend! The first thing I noticed in your pictures was your calves!! Damn! I wish I had that much definition in my legs! You Look fabulous and you will make a beautiful bride!

  3. Maren says

    You are on fitness/eating fire!!! I love the 30 day shred especially when I add it onto a run or some cardio.

  4. Lisa says

    You are so dedicated to working out. I wish I had your resolve.
    I know you are struggling with the eating end in the evenings and that is sabotaging your efforts.
    In 2007 when I was nearing my June wedding, the workouts weren’t enough so my trainer gave me a rule. No eating or drinking, anything! after 5:00. I made it non-negotiable because I so wanted to lose weight for my wedding. It was hard, sometimes I had trouble falling asleep as my stomach growled away, but it worked and I quickly lost the weight.


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