Wedding Wednesday: A Day In The Park

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It started with my first Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution workout in the morning, followed up by a half day at work, and then closed out with our professional engagement photos! Not too shabby for a Tuesday!

After working out in the morning, I took a shower and blow dried my hair but decided to hold off on the makeup until just before our engagement photo shoot. Boy did I look rough yesterday morning!

After work I raced home to get gussied up for our photo shoot.  I think I cleaned up pretty well.  Two of my new favorite products are Erase Paste and Benefit’s bronzing and highlighting duo 10.  I’m not a big makeup person to begin with, but I really love these two products.  The erase paste is seriously magic in a jar and 10 brings a beautiful glow to your face.  LOVE!

With our extra outfits packed up, Neal and I headed off to Nationals baseball park for our photo shoot.

Neal and I LOVE the Nationals and the ballpark.  Neal sent me his first e-mail from the ballpark and little did he know that I was there that very night as well.  3 weeks later we had our first date in section 407 for a baseball game and almost 3 years later we’ll be having our rehearsal dinner there.  We love baseball, for many reasons, so coming to the ballpark for our engagement photos just seemed like the perfect location.

When our photographer arrived we ran down to the metro to take a few photos underground before our time in the ballpark started.  The ballpark was magical and I can not wait to see the photos!  Our final destination was Old Town Alexandria.  Old Town is extremely colorful and old all at the same time.  All in all we had an amazing photo shoot and I can not wait to see everything.  Our photographer is AMAZING and I feel so lucky to have found her (thanks Alison!).

Afterwards Neal and I grabbed dinner at Pizza Paradiso.  I knew we should have just eaten at home, for weight loss purposes, but we just couldn’t pass it up… horrible willpower I tell you.

Aside from the waitress spilling a coke on me and not giving us a discount, it was a pretty good meal.  We’re never disappointed with the food there!

This morning has been pretty rough to be honest.  I overslept spin and then struggled to get going for the day.  My allergies are incredibly bad today, so I just feel like I’m in a fog.  On top of that I have a lot of work to do, both at work and for grad school… plus my apartment is a hot mess.  All in all, I just need to get my act together.

My plan for today is to do grad work over lunch, to do Body Revolution’s workout 2 and cardio 1 as soon as I get home from work, to clean while dinner is cooking, and then to snuggle up to some grad work for the evening.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!