District Taco Breakfast Tacos


What a fantastic and incredibly busy weekend! Neal and I were go, go, go this weekend but it was fantastic. Saturday I accomplished so much and then had a relaxing evening with my baby. Yesterday morning Neal and I headed out the door a little earlier than usual. I had a surprise up my sleeve, so Neal and I headed out around 7:30AM to grab some breakfast before church. As a San . . . Continue Reading »

Now That’s a Saturday!


Today has been go, go, go but boy does it feel good to get a lot accomplished. Today started out with an 8AM spin class with Jamie at Cycle Studio. Jamie was loving cranking the resistance knob to 90% today but I left the class feeling great! An iced coffee from Buzz Bakery was the perfect post workout treat! After grabbing my iced coffee I headed over to Trader Joe's to pick up a few . . . Continue Reading »

I’m Getting Married Bitches!


I honestly don't remember the last time I was THIS excited for it to be Friday. (source) Excited is actually the perfect word to describe how I'm feeling these days.  It is finally starting to sink in that Neal and I are getting married in 10 weeks!  Ten weeks, holy moly! Neal and I get the keys to our first apartment in 9 days I graduate from Kansas State University with my M . . . Continue Reading »

Strong is the New Beautiful


STRONG is the new beautiful, and I mean that!  When I look at myself in the mirror what do I see? I see a strong and beautiful woman. As I share almost daily, I am on a lifelong quest to lose body fat and to be healthy. People may look at me and think "man she's big" but you know what, I am big but I can also bench press your mother! I am a strong woman and I am proud of who I am! In high . . . Continue Reading »

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble


Last weekend when we were in Cleveland, Neal's Mom gave us a ginormous bag of rhubarb from Iowa. Since returning home it has been my mission to make Neal a yummy rhubarb dish before week's end. Behold, the Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble... the most beautiful pre-summer dessert I've ever seen. As we move into May, aka strawberry season, it's fun to think about all of the other fruits that pair so . . . Continue Reading »

Body Revolution Workout 5


Yesterday I started phase 2 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, doing Body Revolution workout 5. Over the next month I will utilize workouts 5, 6, 7, 8 and cardio 2.  Yesterday morning I went to Cycle Studio for Cycle Abs and then closed out the day with workout 5.  Boy oh boy was workout 5 good.  It was definitely more intense than workout 1 but each week builds upon itself so the in . . . Continue Reading »

Body Revolution Phase 1 Results

The past 4 weeks have been wonderful.  I love the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program and even if I had to shift a workout to a different time or day, I did every workout and more!  Together with my dear friend Kristyn, I have jumped, pushed, and lifted my way into Phase 2.  Drum roll please... Body Revolution phase 1 results. Week 4 Results Heaviest weight (Fall 2006) – 261 pounds Body R . . . Continue Reading »

Road Trippin’ to Cleveland


Happy weekend everyone! I hope y'all have enjoyed the past couple of days and are gearing up for the last week of April.  Friday morning, Neal and I set out for our road trip to Cleveland.  As we were leaving at 10AM, we knew we'd need some lunch for the road.  Instead of grabbing something along the way, we decided to run into Whole Foods to pick up some goodies.  Pineapple, mixed berries, a san . . . Continue Reading »

Skinny Snacks


Hello from sunny and chilly Cleveland, Ohio! This weekend Neal and I are visiting some of his family and enjoying some time away from DC. Thank y'all again for all of your support these past two days. Today went extremely well and I'm excited to share more about that tomorrow. So I've been wanting to share this dip with y'all for some time now and am über excited to pass it along now. My . . . Continue Reading »

To Track or Not To Track, That Is The Question


Happy Friday Thursday y'all!  Thank y'all so much for your support yesterday.  It has been challenging reassessing my diet but I feel that I'm at a great crossroads.  One thing I am debating is whether or not to track my food intake/calories every day. (source) For the past 68 days, I have been logging my calories into my My Fitness Pal account (CoffeeCakeCardio).  The habit alone of log . . . Continue Reading »

Working Out Is Not My Problem, Eating Is

cleveland 020

As I shared yesterday, I gained 2.4 pounds last week.  Womp womp!  Do I have excuses and reasons for gaining weight?  You betcha, but the reality is I just haven't figured my diet out yet. (source) Over the past year, I've been all over the place with my diet... Joined Weight Watchers - April 17, 2011 Started a 2011 scaleless summer - June 21, 2011 Struggled with binge eating - Au . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Dress Fitting


When it hit me that my dress fitting was just around the corner I started feeling like this... How was April 16th already here?  Why didn't I workout more and eat less?  Either way, yesterday was the day... dress fitting number 1.  Yesterday ended up going extremely well and although my dress wasn't falling off of me, it fit well and looked great. So what tips do I have for fellow brides . . . Continue Reading »

Blogging Buddies, Frederick Style


What a fantastic weekend! If going to 3 baseball games wasn't awesome enough, yesterday Neal and I headed up to Frederick, Maryland to hang out with Lauren and Greg for the afternoon. On our way to Frederick Neal and I swung into Whole Foods to pick up a few goodies for our lunch with Lauren and Greg. Lauren welcomed us with a plethora of healthy and yummy goodies!  Check out this . . . Continue Reading »

A Weekend With The Nationals


Why hello there weekend! After a busy, busy week being able to spend these past three days at the Nationals Baseball Park has been such a treat. Neal and I went to Opening Day on Thursday and returned Friday night for game 2 against the Reds. I had a big lunch on Friday but didn't pass up on some fries from Box Frites, our favorite vendor at the ballpark, Friday night. Box Frites has . . . Continue Reading »

Nationals Opening Day 2012


Opening Day is one of my favorite days each year.  I love baseball, always have, so being able to watch Major League Baseball here in DC is amazing!  Yesterday Neal and I headed down to Nationals Baseball Park for the Nationals first home game of the season against the Cincinnati Reds. Neal and I have a lot of connection to this park!  We had our first e-mail communication while sitting in s . . . Continue Reading »