Our Washington, DC Engagement Photos

I just have to reiterate it, but I love all of our Washington, DC engagement photos!  Neal and I were lucky to have had two sessions, one last fall and one this spring.  My sister took our photos in the fall, which I LOVED!  You’ll have to check out more of them here.

Then last Tuesday Neal and I took engagement photos with our wedding photographer Nessa K.  I shared a few of our photos this past weekend here but I wanted to share a few more for Wedding Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Taking engagement photos at Nationals Baseball Park was so special.  I also loved being in the metro and going down to Old Town.  Thank you again Nessa!  You’re amazing!


Day 8 of Body Revolution was great. I feel like a broken record but these past 2 weeks have been wonderful.  I can feel my body changing and hopefully losing body fat.  Yesterday I had the morning off so I was able to get two workouts in before work.  I did workout 2 (assigned for today) and added in Cardio 1 for good measure.  My tummy was still a little out of wack from Monday so I just drank water in the morning.  For lunch I made an arugula salad with goat cheese and leftover salmon and for dinner I polished off the arugula by making a shrimp and red bell pepper salad.  It was a saladrific kind of day!

Breakfast- iced coffee (50 calories)

Lunch- arugula salad with goat cheese and leftover salmon (330 calories)

Snacks- red grapes and a chocolate chip cookie (376 calories)

Dinner- arugula, shrimp, and red bell pepper salad (270 calories)

Total calories- 1026 calories

Calories burned- 776 calories

Happy hump day!  Day 9 here we go!!


  1. says

    I love all the photos!!
    And I’m so happy for you that you are loving the Jillian program. Just a word of caution though- you want to be really careful about being that crazy low on your calorie count (which I’m sure you already know). It can really come back to bite you in the butt (I know from experience!).

    • says

      It is from TJ’s :)

      I know my calorie count is low. I promise it’s not intentional. I eat three meals and snacks and then add in the calories burned and its just been really low lately.

  2. Katy says

    I can’t say it enough, love the pictures, they turned out fantastic!! My faves are the one of you two sitting in the stands (love your white shirt btw!!!), in front of the yellow & teal wall, and the last one of you two kissing…..but all of them are great!! So excited for you that Jillian’s workout is going so well and you’re loving it!

  3. Audrey says

    Never said hi before, but I’ve read a little of your site the past couple days. Found you by searching around a little about JM Body Revolution, which I also recently started. Keep up the good work! And I really really like your silver nails in the last picture…would love to know what the polish is :)


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