Happy First Birthday!

Today is Coffee, Cake and Cardio’s one year birthday!

My very first post was written on April 5, 2011 and little did I know how much she’d grow in one year.  I started Coffee, Cake and Cardio, not really knowing what I was doing or what my focus was going to be.  I knew that I wanted to share my life, my journey, and to connect with others.  It took me a few months to get a hang of it and to decide how I wanted to blog but by June 2011 Coffee, Cake and Cardio was on her way to eating whole (and healthy) foods.

I absolutely love blogging and am so grateful for the people I have met and connected with.  I have some very dear friends now that I never would have met had I not started this blog (Lauren, Katy, and Kristyn).  My hope is that Coffee, Cake and Cardio will continue to grow and more people will be introduced to her.  I’m thrilled to see where the future takes me, especially because come August I will not be in grad school or planning a wedding.  The sky’s the limit after this summer!

I thought it was only appropriate to buy a Buzz Coffee Cupcake for Coffee, Cake and Cardio’s birthday.  Neal also sent me a beautiful edible arrangements bouquet yesterday as a “happy 1 year and you’re almost done with grad school” gift.  I can’t thank him enough for his support this past year!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from this past year as well as some of the most popular posts…

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Thank you all for everything and for reading my blog.  I couldn’t do it without y’all! 


  1. Katy says

    HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY C,C&C!!! :-) If I haven’t said it enough, Neal is just the sweetest guy EVER……the edible arrangements gift was SO thoughtful and sweet!!!!! I’m so glad in the last year I’ve not only discovered healthy living blogs, but was lucky enough to stumble across yours!!! You are such a motivating person and I love hearing about all your new healthy living discovery’s (so that I can try them out myself!)!! So many wonderful and exciting things happening in the next few months for you to celebrate, this is only the beginning!!! :)

    • says

      Thank you so much Katy! You are such an amazing person and friend and I’m so thankful to have connected with you! I can’t wait to hang out next week!!

  2. says

    Happy Blog Birthday!! I’m amazed that it’s “only” been a year, you seem like an old pro! And Buzz Bakery is probably my favorite place around here for goodies so I try to avoid it. Anyway, I look forward to much more blog awesomeness : )

    So now I have to confess that I was looking through old comments today and had one from you that I never replied to or acknowledged. I then started reading your blog after I saw you on the Fitbloggin attendance list and just managed to put the pieces together. I’m sorry!

  3. says

    Happy birthday, blog. I found this recently from Neal’s fb page–we grew up together. It looks like it has been a busy year for you.

  4. says

    Happy Birthday, Coffee Cake and Cardio!!!
    Wow- what a year for you, Ashley!!! I’m so glad that we met- I really think that people come into your life for a reason, and I know that you and I will be life-long friends! It’s funny- I remember the very first post that I ever read of yours- I think it was called “A little Punkin in my Life” or something like that…. I remember sitting on the couch next to Greg and making him read it and being all excited that you were drinking Punkin ale. :)
    And I love how you celebrated with a cupcake from Buzz. I’m going to have to copy that idea (but my blog bday isn’t until September!)
    Love ya, Ash!


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