Nationals Opening Day 2012

Opening Day is one of my favorite days each year.  I love baseball, always have, so being able to watch Major League Baseball here in DC is amazing!  Yesterday Neal and I headed down to Nationals Baseball Park for the Nationals first home game of the season against the Cincinnati Reds.

Neal and I have a lot of connection to this park!  We had our first e-mail communication while sitting in separate sections at the ballpark, we had our first date at the ballpark, we took our engagement photos at the ballpark, and we’ll be having our rehearsal dinner at the ball park. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

The weather yesterday was beautiful but a tad chilly in the shade.  Still, we arrived early, watched all of the pregame ceremonies, and then got our “Natitude” on.

I mean come on, how awesome is this picture?  Baseball, US flag, community… HEART!

In the end, the National won!  We went into extra innings and won on a wild pitch.

So now I have to talk about the downside of going to a baseball game… THE FOOD!  I love food and I think y’all get that.  Even worse, my fiance LOVES baseball park food.  Without fail, Neal will order the yummiest, heaviest, most fattening thing on the menu, but it works for him.  Eating at the ballpark has always been a struggle for me.  I tend to view it as a treat and then choose between the lesser of two evils.

Well yesterday was a tough one for me.  We arrived at the park at 12PM just in time for lunch.  Instead of eating before hand, I arrived at the park with an empty stomach (mistake number 1).  By the second inning, I was itching to go get something to eat and was pretty much open to anything.  The park was packed due to opening day, so the lines were incredible long around the park.  We decided to pick something close to our section and ended up at Ben’s Chili Bowl and a burger/chicken sandwich place.

My original plan was to get a hamburger but when I saw that they had hamburgers at Ben’s Chili Bowl I got into that line with Neal.  Well, the sign was lying and they did not serve burgers at Ben’s… sadness.  I was hungry, getting moody, and not up for getting back into the other line.  What was I to do?  My choices at Ben’s included a half smoke, chili dog, or chili fries.  I literally stood in line battling in my head between what to get.  I was frustrated but hungry.  So what did I get?  Chili fries of course.

The sad thing was, they weren’t even good which made it even worse.  I was hungry though, so I ate them!  I ATE THEM!  Why did I do that?  Why did I let my “hunger emotions” get in the way of making a better decision?  Lesson learned…

Neal and I actually have tickets for tonight’s and tomorrow afternoon’s game, so I have a new game plan.  With tonight’s game being at 7:05PM, I have eat before hand.  With a Subway just downstairs in my building, I’m going to head down there for a sandwich before heading to the game after work.  I’m also going to bring some yummy and healthy snacks to the game.  That is one great thing about Nationals Park, you can bring in outside food  and unopened drinks.  I haven’t decided on tomorrow’s game, but with it being a 4:05PM game, I’m pretty sure I can avoid eating a full meal there, maybe Neal and I can just split something.

Live and learn.  That’s all you can do!


Body Revolution Update — Week 3

This week has been all over the place.  Although I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, I still got all of my workouts in (YAY!).  Since then things have been go, go, go and I ended up missing last night’s workout (workout 3).  Today isn’t looking much better.  My plan was to get up at 4:45AM to do my workout, but going to bed at 12AM last night didn’t make that possible.  So here’s my new plan…

Workout Completed
Monday Spin and Workout 3 DONE
Tuesday Workout 4 DONE
Wednesday Cardio 1 DONE
Thursday Spin DONE
Friday OFF
Saturday Workout 3 and cardio
Sunday Workout 4

Doing workout 4 on Sunday is going to make next Monday rough but I have to do it!  I’m also going to use this weekend to reassess my diet.   I’ve been eating WAY too many carbs and need to rethink my diet.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. says

    First of all- I love your shades. :) And I’m so happy that your team won! What an exciting game, right? :)
    I LOVE opening day- but I’ve only ever been to one for the O’s.
    So- ballpark food- I feel ya, sister! I do a couple of things that work for me: I scope out the food selection on the ballpark’s website first. I’ll even make a whole lap around the stadium (Greg stays at his seat while I do this- because he’s happy with a hotdog or sausage.) I also always bring snacks- an apple (always) and a bar or nuts. I’ve even brought a sandwich before (you can do that!). I also bring an unopened bottle of water, and alternate that with drinking a beer.
    But whatever, you got chili fries (and sorry they weren’t great) but you know it’s not the end of the world. Hopefully you’ll find something better tonight (if you buy food). Have fun!!

  2. says

    I’m not American, but I’m loving the patriotism in that picture too! I love baseball. A lot of people don’t understand watching a game, they think it’s boring … I totally disagree! And I love watching it with my dad :)

  3. Katy says

    The panoramic pic with the flag is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you had a great time. Don’t stress over the fries, you’ve got a plan for tonight! You can always take a few laps around the park/walk up & down steps before first pitch tonight for bonus exercise!! :)

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