Body Revolution Phase 1 Results

The past 4 weeks have been wonderful.  I love the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program and even if I had to shift a workout to a different time or day, I did every workout and more!  Together with my dear friend Kristyn, I have jumped, pushed, and lifted my way into Phase 2.  Drum roll please… Body Revolution phase 1 results.

Week 4 Results

Heaviest weight (Fall 2006) – 261 pounds

Body Revolution starting weight – 229.4 pounds

Week 3 weight (April 17, 2012) – 231.6 pounds

Today’s weight (April 23, 2012) –   228.4 pounds

Week 4 results –   3.2  pounds

Total Weight Loss on Body Revolution – 1 pound

Phase 1 Results

Total Weight Loss – 1 pound

March 26, 2012 April 23, 2012
Neck 16 inches 15 inches
Biceps 14 ½ inches 14  inches
Waist 43 inches 39 ½ inches
Abdomen 46 inches 43 inches
Hips 48 inches 46 ½ inches
Quad (standing) 25 ½ inches 24 ½ inches
Calf (standing) 16 inches 16 inches

Total Inches Lost – 10 ½ inches


Week 5 Plans

Body Revolution Other Workouts
Monday Workout 5 Cycle
Tuesday Workout 6
Wednesday Cardio 2
Thursday Workout 5 Cycle
Friday Workout 6
Saturday Cardio 2 Cycle
Sunday Off

This week is actually rather mellow, which I appreciate.  I am moving into my last two weeks of graduate school, with just 2 exams and 2 projects standing between me and my Masters degree.  I am SO incredibly excited!  I am also 4 weeks away from moving in with Neal and 5 weeks away from visiting my family.  The next few months are going to be amazing and I am so incredibly grateful.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday!  Phase 2, here we go!


  1. runnrjo says

    Way to go Ashley! Your measurements are incredible. I guess the weight isn’t the most important number. I am also getting married in July, so you have really been inspiring me.

  2. Maren says

    Your totally toning up and lost a boat load of body fat! Good job. Im kinda wanting to try the body revolution program now…

  3. Gail Rogers says

    Great! A little weight lost goes a long way. Just keep it up but don’t push yourself too hard. Good luck! :)

  4. says

    Great Job Ashley!
    I came across your blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it. You and a few other ladies have inspired me to start my own :)
    I’m currently working on the C25K, but I might just have to check out this Body Revolution!

  5. Jackie Weise says

    I too am rockin’ Body Revolution! I have my 25 year high school reunion in July…
    I hate exercise but Jillian motivates me to no end. I have only missed one work out, I was sad and felt guilty but worked extra hard on the next one.
    I did work out 8 for the first time yesterday, it was my favorite to date. It totally rocked my chubby world!
    While I am not seeing the pounds dropping like I’d like, my clothes are fitting looser and looser. I didn’t take measurements, I have goal pants. Pants I’d like to fit into someday. So far I have met 3 pair of goal pants.
    I love reading about your adventure and wish you the best with everything!

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