District Taco Breakfast Tacos

What a fantastic and incredibly busy weekend! Neal and I were go, go, go this weekend but it was fantastic. Saturday I accomplished so much and then had a relaxing evening with my baby.

Yesterday morning Neal and I headed out the door a little earlier than usual. I had a surprise up my sleeve, so Neal and I headed out around 7:30AM to grab some breakfast before church.

As a San Antonio, Texas native, breakfast tacos are one of my FAVORITE breakfasts.  When I moved to DC in 2004 I was sad to hear that breakfast tacos were hard to come by.  Most restaurants served breakfast burritos, but they are very different.  A few months ago I heard about District Taco and just knew we had to check it out.

District Taco has a fantastic breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu and is extremely affordable.  I was most excited to see that you could order District Taco Breakfast Tacos with either whole eggs, egg whites, or veggies.  I’ve never seen a taco place in San Antonio that serves egg whites, so this was a nice surprise!

Like most taco restaurants, District Tacos has an awesome salsa bar with 3 salsas, pico de galo, jalapenos, and various other fix-ins.

For breakfast Neal ordered 2 tacos, both with whole eggs, cheese, and potatoes.  Neal also added bacon to one taco and chorizo to the other.

I ordered two tacos, both with egg whites.  To one taco I added potatoes and to the other taco I added bacon.  They were just perfect!

After breakfast we went to church and then headed to the mall to do a little shopping.  At the mall I got a new Vera Bradley bag, YAY, and bought Neal some new Oakley sunglasses (an early wedding gift).

We also finalized Neal’s wedding attire and found ties for all the groomsmen.  Once home Neal and I made some lunch and then knocked out on the couch.  Boy were we sleepy.  Neal slept for 2.5 hours and I slept for a little over 3 hours.  Wowzers!  Grocery shopping closed out the evening along with a few more wedding to-dos (and the baking of a second strawberry-rhubarb crumble).

It really was a fantastic weekend and I feel great having accomplished so much.  The week ahead looks to be a tad stressful but I have a great plan for getting everything in (look for it tomorrow morning).  My last graduate school project is due on Friday, so most evenings will be spent working on that.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday.  What are your goals for this week?


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    I really, really need to make breakfast tacos!! Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow and see if it will pack up nicely for work… (or maybe it will have to be a “wait for the weekend thing) OR breakfast for dinner!!! THAT’S IT! :)
    I have a whole pack of corn tortillas at home waiting to be used!

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    Thanks for the thumbs up on District Taco. Your are right most Taco shops only serve burritos for breakfast. I will put it on my breakfasts to try list.

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    This sounds fantastic because I am a huge advocate of eating salsa for every meal. My favorite breakfast; breakfast quesadilla- eggs, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa.

    Goals for this week: along with the busy bee stuff…learn to love myself a little bit more. Have a great week!

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