Changing My Environment

In my life so far, I have moved to 15 different states/countries.  Growing up in an Air Force family, moving was just what we did.  We lived somewhere for roughly two years and then moved on to our next location.  Even since moving out of my parents house I have continued to move around.  Since returning to the Washington, DC area in 2007, I have moved apartments/homes 6 times, but it has been nic . . . Continue Reading »

Our San Antonio Wedding Shower

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This past weekend, Neal and I headed to San Antonio to spend time with friends and family and to celebrate our upcoming wedding. Saturday night, my dear friend Stephanie threw us a San Antonio wedding shower along with my sister and both of our moms. As the shower wasn't until 6PM, I was incredibly anxious and excited for 5:30PM to roll around that way we could head on over to the . . . Continue Reading »

Body Revolution Week 8 – Take Two

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Hey y'all!  It's good to be back! Neal and I have been in San Antonio, Texas these past few days, spending time with family and friends, enjoying lots of Mexican food, and celebrating our upcoming wedding with loved ones (more on that tomorrow). As I've shared before, I love going home to San Antonio but it always makes me so grateful for the city I live in now (although I truly miss . . . Continue Reading »

My Wedding Jewelry

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It is super hot here in Texas!  It makes me realize how mild the summers are in DC, even with the little bit of humidity we get sometimes.  Yesterday was another beautiful day in San Antonio and started out with a hair appointment with my love, Eduardo. Although I should probably find a hair stylist in DC, Eduardo is just fabulous and I love getting my hair done by him.  We talked, we la . . . Continue Reading »

It’s Good to Be Home!

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Thursday morning at 4:45AM Neal and I began our trip to San Antonio, Texas! We hopped on the metro and made our trek to the airport. We flew to Dallas and then on to San Antonio. Neal rocked the sudoku while I read The Skinny Rules. Before I knew it we were home! I adore my family and was overjoyed to be around such loving and caring people.   For lunch my Mom and Aunt . . . Continue Reading »

Kraft Singles Turkey Poblano Burger

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Growing up, Kraft Singles were often a part of my daily diet.  Whether I was having an egg sandwich to start the day or I was enjoying my ham and cheese sandwich at lunch, I always loved adding Kraft Singles to my meals. My Mom also made us amazing dinners growing up (and still does) and Kraft Singles were our go to cheese.  With 4 kids, Kraft Singles were affordable and a great way for us t . . . Continue Reading »

Our New Kitchen

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Oh what I would give to be locked inside my new apartment for 3 days and to be given the chance to get everything set up and organized.  Last night after work I tackled the kitchen... lets just say it was a hot mess before I started. I've always loved organizing the kitchen but boy is it tough to decide where to put things sometimes.  In the end I kept dishes, glasses, silverware, and c . . . Continue Reading »

We’ve Moved!

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It's official.  Neal and I have successfully moved into our first apartment together! Before I share about our weekend, I have got to thank 4 amazing people for their help this weekend.  Becky, thank you so much for helping Neal and I move all day Saturday.  I can not begin to thank you for the friend that you are and I am so excited to have you as a bridesmaid.  You rock!  I also have to thank . . . Continue Reading »

LUNA Fiber Bar Giveaway

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Last night was my last night living alone.  Crazy.  I realized it half way through the evening and decided I wanted to bask in my last single night.  I headed home, snuggled up on my couch, and watched Criminal Minds.  This morning Neal wrote me and said, "It's to thinking last night that it was the last night I'm ever going to spend alone in a separate apartment.  It's you and me now, . . . Continue Reading »

Body Revolution Week 7 Results

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Woops.  The week has gotten away from me and I forgot to post my week 7 results. Week 7 Results Heaviest weight (Fall 2006) – 261 pounds Body Revolution starting weight – 229.4 pounds Week 6 weight (May 1, 2012) – 227.4 pounds Today’s weight (May 15, 2012) –    228.0 pounds Week 6 results –   Gained .6 pounds Total Weight Loss on Body Revolution – 1.4 pounds _________ . . . Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Boss Book Review

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In my lifetime, I have been a Weight Watchers member at least 6 times.  I have fallen in love with the program, tasted the Kool Aid, but each time my journey with Weight Watchers has come to an end.  I have been very successful on the Weight Watchers program multiple times but have never reached my goal weight through the Weight Watchers program. Over the past week I've been reading David K . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Plan: May 14 – May 20

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It's hard to believe that it's the middle of May already.  This weekend was a blast but I'm eager to get back on track and into a routine this week (if the weeks leading up to the wedding can be routine...).  Last night Neal and I went grocery shopping, our last time buying groceries separate!! I'm really looking forward to creating meal plans together, grocery shopping together, and trying . . . Continue Reading »

Smelling the Roses

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This has been one fantastic weekend!  Neal and I have been garage sale kings and queens, selling a number of things before our move next weekend.  Last week was like a teeter totter, so it was nice to reconnect, reassess, and get back on track. Saturday started out with homemade smoothie for Neal and I.  I combined pineapple, cherries, mango, and coconut water. After moving a few thing, I . . . Continue Reading »

Etiquette Dinner

Starbucks Giveaway Winner

First off, we have a winner from Wednesday's Starbucks Giveaway! Katy -- "Commented on your Facebook post! My fingers are crossed – I’m SO addicted to skim iced chai teas from Starbucks right now!! " Katy, I hope you enjoy the gift card and those iced chai tea lattes!  Thank you all for reading Coffee, Cake and Cardio and for entering the giveaway!  I am going to have another giveaway next w . . . Continue Reading »

Dare to Be Bare- And to Have Sexy Underarms


I'm a sweater, what can I say? I move a lot, I love to workout, and I honestly love to sweat!  Sweating to me is #proof of how hard I'm working, but I have a confession... my right armpit sweats way more than my left armpit!  My poor overactive right pit, what am I going to do with it? Wearing a deodorant that keeps me dry and smells good is very important to me, but to be honest, I've never r . . . Continue Reading »