Changing My Environment

In my life so far, I have moved to 15 different states/countries.  Growing up in an Air Force family, moving was just what we did.  We lived somewhere for roughly two years and then moved on to our . . . Continue Reading »

Our San Antonio Wedding Shower

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This past weekend, Neal and I headed to San Antonio to spend time with friends and family and to celebrate our upcoming wedding. Saturday night, my dear friend Stephanie threw us a San Antonio wedding . . . Continue Reading »

My Wedding Jewelry

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It is super hot here in Texas!  It makes me realize how mild the summers are in DC, even with the little bit of humidity we get sometimes.  Yesterday was another beautiful day in San Antonio and . . . Continue Reading »

It’s Good to Be Home!

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Thursday morning at 4:45AM Neal and I began our trip to San Antonio, Texas! We hopped on the metro and made our trek to the airport. We flew to Dallas and then on to San Antonio. Neal . . . Continue Reading »

Our New Kitchen

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Oh what I would give to be locked inside my new apartment for 3 days and to be given the chance to get everything set up and organized.  Last night after work I tackled the kitchen... lets just say it . . . Continue Reading »

We’ve Moved!

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It's official.  Neal and I have successfully moved into our first apartment together! Before I share about our weekend, I have got to thank 4 amazing people for their help this weekend.  Becky, . . . Continue Reading »

LUNA Fiber Bar Giveaway

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Last night was my last night living alone.  Crazy.  I realized it half way through the evening and decided I wanted to bask in my last single night.  I headed home, snuggled up on my couch, and . . . Continue Reading »

Smelling the Roses

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This has been one fantastic weekend!  Neal and I have been garage sale kings and queens, selling a number of things before our move next weekend.  Last week was like a teeter totter, so it was nice to . . . Continue Reading »

Etiquette Dinner

Starbucks Giveaway Winner

First off, we have a winner from Wednesday's Starbucks Giveaway! Katy -- "Commented on your Facebook post! My fingers are crossed – I’m SO addicted to skim iced chai teas from Starbucks right . . . Continue Reading »