May 2012 Goals

In April I…

celebrated Coffee, Cake and Cardio’s 1 year birthday

took my spring engagement photos with Neal

went to Nationals opening day

hung out with Lauren and Grey in Frederick, MD

had my first wedding dress fitting

shared my dieting woes

lost 10.5 inches in phase 1 of Body Revolution

proclaimed that strong is the new beautiful

April Goals Revisited

1.  Do my Body Revolution workout every day — CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.  I did have to shift a few workouts but I did EVERY workout!

2.  Track my calories on My Fitness Pal every day — I did every day up until last week. 

3.  Strive to limit processed foods (limiting sugar and flour) as a part of Body Revolution — CHECK!

4.  Stay positive about my body (first wedding dress fitting on April 16) — CHECK! Dress fitting was awesome!

5.  Finish my last semester of graduate school strong — It’s going well.  One more project and one more exam.  Holler!

May Goals

1.  Finish graduate school (5 more days)

2.  Do my Body Revolution workout every day

3.  Strive to limit processed foods (limiting sugar and flour) as a part of the Body Revolution program

4.  Stay calm and relaxed through Neal’s and my move

5.  Treasure every moment leading up to the wedding

What are your goals for the month of May?


  1. says

    My goal for May is to keep up with my daily workouts and drinking all my water!

    I hope your move goes smoothly – moving is a lot of work but it doesn’t always have to be painful. Maybe you can make some awesome playlists to help keep your spirits up!

  2. says

    Love the idea of monthly goals! Since I’m just starting, I think I might create a similar post. Hopefully it will help keep me on track!

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