I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart

Does anyone know that song (the title of this post)?  It was a song I sang in Sunday school back in the day but it’s totally how I feel today.  I am on cloud nine now that I’ve finished graduate school! On top of finishing grad school, a few other things are making me über happy today…

1. It’s the weekend and it feels like May!

2.  Bedhead can quickly turn into a good hair day



3.  My new Vera Bradley bags!

4.  Iced coffee from Buzz Bakery (enough said)

5. My hair comb for my wedding day!

6.  Starbucks happy hours


7.  The possibility of going strawberry picking tomorrow!

8.  The countdown!

9.  Neal’s next book!!

Comes out next fall!

10.  This weekend I finish week 6 of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution!

Workouts 7 and 8 here I come!

I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!  Happy Friday!


  1. says

    I used to sing that song in Sunday school too! I actually read the heading as if I was singing it… “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, down in my hear, Heart!” lol

    The hair clip is very pretty!

    And how are you possibly going Strawberry picking already? Our strawberry picking season isn’t until the end of june/beginning of July.. I can’t wait for it!! Nothing compares to fresh picked strawberries.. definitely nature’s candy :P

  2. Katy says

    Oh no, now I’ve got that song stuck in my head – such a fun one to sing!!!! :)

    Hoping Sunday is as perfect as it’s expected to be outside! Enjoy your wonderful weekend and joyous feelings!

  3. says

    I used to sing that song all the time in church!

    Enjoy the feeling of being done with grad school! It is a great feeling of accomplishment!

  4. says

    I do know that song!

    You hair and my hair can be evil twins in the morning!!

    I love the comb and that hair style for your wedding. It’s so simple and sophisticated. Gorgeous!!!

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