Happy Cinco de Mayo 2012

Not only is it Saturday, but it’s also the 5th of May!!  After pulling Neal out of bed, we headed straight to Sprint to buy my iPhone!  This was my post Master’s degree present and boy was I excited.

15 minutes later, my blackberry curve was put to rest and my iPhone 4S was ready to go!

After a quick run into Target, Neal and I headed over to Guapos for a midday fiesta.

Going out for Mexican food mid day on Cinco de Mayo is a great way to avoid the crowds.  The food was awesome (fajita salad for me and chorizo enchiladas for Neal), the drinks were sweet, and the company was fantastic (as always).

After lunch Neal and I headed over to Costco for a few odds and ends.  I bought some beautiful strawberries, a tub of lettuce, some awesome shampoo and conditioner, and a few beverage dispensers for the wedding.  An A++ trip if you ask me.

This evening I am going to be doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Cardio 2 and one of the Tone It Up workouts!  I am really excited to start doing the Tone It Up workouts and am excited to connect with a whole new group of ladies (and guys).

I hope y’all are enjoying your day!  Happy Saturday!


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    I just learned about Tone it Up too! I saw that they were in this month’s issue of Self. It seems like they have a big online community on facebook and twitter. Are you going to start the Tone it Up workouts along with Body Revolution? Or do it more after you finish Body Revolution?

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    good call with the mid-day mexican. In years past I’ve always done a cinco de patty’s day and celebrated Cinco de mayo at an Irish bar, and St. Patty’s day at a Mexican restaurant. good way to avoid the crowds!

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    YESS!!! You got an iPhone!! Get on Instagram- I AM ADDICTED. My username is the same as my email. :)
    We had awesome Mexican food on Saturday too- with about 1000 other bloggers! But really, I could celebrate Cinco de Mayo every day…

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