Body Revolution Workout 7

Tuesday, Tuesday… well my Tuesday started out well.  Slept in, drove to work, got rear ended, had some yummy oatmeal with strawberries, and then sipped a big old cup of coffee.  OK, getting rear ended was no fun but what can you do?  The oatmeal and the coffee (and a call from Neal) made the morning great!

Oatmeal with strawberries

As I shared yesterday, I’ve been trying really hard to eat a well rounded and balance diet.  Yesterday was pretty good but I must say, it can be really tough going against what you really want to eat (#dietersproblems).  Breakfast and lunch were really good yesterday and very satisfying.  The late afternoon flew by, so by the time I got home I was pretty hungry.  Neal and I ran to the grocery store and then made dinner when we got home.  What I really wanted for dinner was a quesadilla, like Neal, but I knew a salad  was the better choice for me.

Chicken quesadilla with salsa

Healthy chicken fajita salad

I was still able to enjoy the same flavors (minus the tortilla) and saved myself a couple hundred calories, always a plus!  It can be tough when the person you’re living with don’t have to choose between a quesadilla and a salad, but it’s something you have to learn.  Neal and I are different people and unfortunately, I can’t eat as he does and I’m sure there are things I eat that he doesn’t eat.  It’s all about balance and knowing your own body!

Yesterday I also tackled Body Revolution workout 7!  The workout starts out with the trainers saying, “We’re going to beat you like you owe us money”.  If that’s not an indication of the workout you’re about to do, then I don’t know what is.  Workout 7 is good but the moves can be tough.  I didn’t leave the workout feeling strong but I know that each time I do it I’ll get stronger.

Workout 7 consists of…

  • Squat karaoke
  • Lunge pulls
  • High knees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Fast feet
  • Crow pushups (TOUGH)
  • Plank walks
  • Plank ups
  • Jack knifes
  • Plank thrusts
  • Down dog pushups (loved these)
  • Tricep kickbacks with cable
  • Push press with leg kicks
  • Leg hops- zig zag
  • Squat with cable
  • Tricep with cable
  • Single leg pushups (loved these)
  • Abs
  • Star-ups

I did workout 7 right after spin yesterday morning, so I’m excited to do it by itself one day to see if I have more energy and can push myself more.  It was a good workout and I’m excited to tackle workout 8 tonight.

Question: If you live with others who eat differently than you, what helps you to stay on track?


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    I definitely have this problem! I don’t always do well, but we’ve learned a few things. I frequently eat smaller servings of what my husband is eating, or I have a big salad first. I try to plan very good meals when we eat separately–I take good food to work, where I’m trapped and have to eat it.

  2. says

    It’s totally like that with Kevin and me. I make him like a triple layer taco, and I have a salad. And I probably workout double. So not fair. Haha. Kidding.

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    I live at school and I am surrounded by unhealthy eaters. My boyfriend will only eat bread products, absolutely no vegetables or fruits, and I’m a health nut with a sweet tooth. Just have to remind yourself what your goals are and how you’ll feel after indulging!

  4. says

    My boyfriend is one of those people that can eat anything he wants, not do anything physical and maintain his weight. He, literally, eats a gallon of ice cream a night. We’ve set a few rules in place that have helped: he can have any food in the house that he wants, but he hides it and eats it after I’d gone to bed (which is pretty early), he doesn’t offer me ice cream unless there are weight watchers bars in the house, whoever cooks dinner (me) decides what we’re eating and the other person can’t complain. He is also just overall supportive which helps- he doesn’t ask me if I should or shouldn’t eat something he just let’s me do my thing. It does get hard sometimes though to stay on plan when he’s scarfing down chocolate.

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