Weekly Plan: May 14 – May 20

It’s hard to believe that it’s the middle of May already.  This weekend was a blast but I’m eager to get back on track and into a routine this week (if the weeks leading up to the wedding can be routine…).  Last night Neal and I went grocery shopping, our last time buying groceries separate!!

Separate Groceries

I’m really looking forward to creating meal plans together, grocery shopping together, and trying out new recipes.  As last week was all over the place, I decided to plan out my meals this week in order to create a little bit of structure.






Oatmeal with fruit and almonds

Pasta Zero with marinara sauce

Turkey Taco Bowl- Chef Katy

Dinner with Katy


Oatmeal with fruit and almonds

Work Luncheon

Salad with grilled chicken

Laundry and packing


Oatmeal with fruit and almonds

Salad with grilled chicken

Quesadilla with grilled peppers

Dance lessons with Neal


Oatmeal with fruit and almonds

Salad with tuna

Turkey burger with veggies



Oatmeal with fruit and almonds (I know, BORING but I’m loving it!)

Salad with tuna

Dinner at Euro Bistro

Lots of packing!

I am also eager to get back on track with my workouts.  Last week wasn’t bad but my schedule was all over the place and I want to become more consistent again.  If you haven’t seen it before, I would definitely check out Tone It Up (TIU)!  Every Monday they put out a weekly plan which is SO motivating!  #MotivationMonday  Here’s my weekly plan…

Body Revolution Other Workouts
Monday Workout 7 and TIU workout Cardio @ Gym over lunch
Tuesday Workout 8 and TIU workout
Wednesday Cardio 2 Dance lessons with Neal
Thursday Workout 7 and TIU workout Cardio @ Gym over lunch
Friday Workout 8 and TIU workout
Saturday Moving Day!! Moving Day!!
Sunday Moving Day!! Moving Day!!

With my meals and workouts planned out, it should be a more consistent week than last week.  Yes, things get thrown into the mix sometimes, like missing my 5:45AM alarm this morning, but you just have to readjust and go after your goals!


So do any of y’all watch Next Food Network Star?  Neal and I watched the season premiere last night, which was fantastic!  The show is quite different this season, as contestants are split into teams instead of competing in one large group.  You have Team Bobby Flay, Team Alton Brown, and Team Giada De Laurentiis.  Neal is #TeamBobby and I’m #TeamGiada.  The highlight of my evening though was getting a reply from Giada!! AHHH!!

I was seriously sweating profusely after getting that tweet!  It made my day!

Well I hope y’all have a fantastic Monday!  Remember, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” so make a plan and turn things around!

Ugh I ate so much crap during that 3-day vacation. I need a reset button. :C (source)


  1. Alison says

    Mom and I are team Alton. We didn’t get to watch the entire episode but we liked his team a lot when they first introduced them. SO BRING IT ON!

  2. Laura @ joyful shimmy says

    Awesome that she replied. I love when that happens over twitter. It really connects us one another.
    Congrats on the big move that’s super exciting

  3. says

    That’s so funny because I just saw that Top Ten list this morning too! Love that. And I love Tone It Up too!! They’re so fun and motivating.

  4. says

    Yay for grocery shopping for ONE household! I do the shopping for us 95% of the time, because it’s just easier that way.
    I’ve watched every season of Food Network star- I forget it started last night! I was too caught up with Survivor! I’ll have to find a re-run.
    It’s so much easier to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch during the week, and makes shopping much more simple.
    I’ve been eating yogurt with a protein muffin every morning since I got home from Colorado! (And have only had oatmeal once! Crazy!)

  5. Charmaine says

    That’s so awesome that Giada replied to your tweet! Her chicken piccata recipe is my absolute favorite dish to make!

  6. says

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an exciting tweet!! I love it!!!!!! I feel like I should say congratulations. Lol. I like the “drink water like it’s your job.” That is like a continuous struggle for me.

  7. says

    I always fall off the band wagon when my routine goes out the window. So bad! Last week I had to work late so I couldn’t go to the gym at my normal time. I didn’t go to the gym once last week…

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