Body Revolution Week 7 Results

Woops.  The week has gotten away from me and I forgot to post my week 7 results.

Week 7 Results

Heaviest weight (Fall 2006) – 261 pounds

Body Revolution starting weight – 229.4 pounds

Week 6 weight (May 1, 2012) – 227.4 pounds

Today’s weight (May 15, 2012) –    228.0 pounds

Week 6 results –   Gained .6 pounds

Total Weight Loss on Body Revolution – 1.4 pounds


To be honest, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk these past two weeks.  I am not surprised by the gain last week, as my schedule, routine, and diet have been shaken up by the craziness that is the build up to the wedding.  It’s tough not losing pounds, but as I’ve shared over the past 7 weeks, I am definitely losing inches on the Body Revolution program!  I just have to stick with it, keep working hard, and watch my food intake.

This week I created a more structured plan, which has been going very well.  It has been tough living out of boxes but in 3 days Neal and I will both be settled into our new home, which will make a world of difference.  In addition to creating structure this week, I also finished reading Weight Loss Boss, which I shared about yesterday, and that has really impacted my thoughts about weight loss and my journey.

Of the 5 keys to weight loss, portion size is the one that I am really trying to focus on and make changes to.  On Tuesday night, my dear friend Katy made us taco salads, which to me exemplified portion control while still eating a tasty dinner!

For the taco shell, Katy molded two Flatout flatbreads over empty tin cans.  She then baked them at 400 degrees until toasty.  The flatbread worked perfectly and created a perfect bowl for our taco salads.

Katy had a variety of toppings including ground turkey, spinach, corn, guacamole, refried beans, taco sauce, and fat free greek yogurt.

It was such an easy dinner to make and one I will definitely have to make for Neal some time.

Neal and I have also had lots on the to do list this week, so I’ve tried to fit my workouts in here and there.  Last night we took our first dance lessons, which was a blast.  The waltz is definitely my favorite dance and I loved being able to waltz with my honey.

Afterwards we ran into Whole Foods for dinner and I made a little salad from the salad bar.

I wasn’t too hungry but I’m glad I made healthy choices.

Today is another day and I hope to make it a successful one!  I started out the day with an iced coffee from Buzz Bakery and then had oatmeal with almonds and a banana when I got to work. For lunch I had romaine lettuce, a packet of tuna, light raspberry vinaigrette, and a chobani on the side.

After work I plan to do Body Revolution workout 7, Tone It Up Bikini Abs and/or Beach Bum.  Tonight Neal and I are having turkey burgers, yum, which will give me the protein I need to round out the day.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Thursday and are staying motivated!

What helps you to keep your head in the game when you’re feeling discouraged?