We’ve Moved!

It’s official.  Neal and I have successfully moved into our first apartment together!

Before I share about our weekend, I have got to thank 4 amazing people for their help this weekend.  Becky, thank you so much for helping Neal and I move all day Saturday.  I can not begin to thank you for the friend that you are and I am so excited to have you as a bridesmaid.  You rock!  I also have to thank my beautiful Aunt Danielle for helping us on Saturday.  Thank you for bringing us all lunch and for helping us unpack a few things.  We love you tons!

Lauren and Greg, words can not describe how awesome you two are.  Thank you for helping us unload the truck on Sunday.  We would have spent hours unloading it by ourselves and are incredibly grateful that y’all came down to help us.  Lauren, I am so excited to be “neighbors” and to be able to spend more time together!

So I can not begin to emphasize how excited I am to be done with this move.  Neal and I started the move on Friday night, packing up my apartment for the big move on Saturday.  For dinner Friday night, Neal and I decided to be ballsy and try out the Euro Bistro across the street from us (next to the shady Virginia Lodge).



I mean come on, how classy is this place?

We walked into the bistro and were hit with the intense smell of smoke.  The funny thing was, there was a no smoking sign.  Not sure how that’s working out for them.  Sadly (or not so sadly), I just couldn’t handle it.  We left Euro Bistro and headed over to Rustico for a nice dinner.

Rustico is such a nice restaurant in Old Town Alexandria.  We just love the atmosphere and I LOVE the beer selection.

For dinner Neal and I had their bacon and blue mussels, which we highly recommend.  The broth is just outstanding!  We also split a sandwich, which was the perfect fuel for our big move on Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, finished packing up boxes and then headed over to Buzz Bakery for some coffee and breakfast.

We then headed over to Uhaul, picked up our beauty of a truck, and started loading her up at 10:30AM.

Two and a half hours later we were hitting the road, heading for our new home.

It took us a couple more hours to unload, and we just couldn’t have done it without Becky and my Aunt Danielle’s help!

Saturday night Neal and I moved a couch we had sold, packed some more things, and then ate some AWESOME Chinese food.

Sunday morning Neal and I got up at the break of dawn to start loading the truck.

It took the two of us four and a half hours to load up the truck, but we got it done!

Once at our new place, Lauren and Greg helped us unload in just an hour and a half.  How unreal is that? These two were amazing and we could not have done it without them.  Once we dropped off the Uhaul, Neal and I grabbed some brunch at Cosi, put together our beds, and then headed off Virginia to babysit.

The kids I babysit are actually in our wedding and we just adore them.  The two oldest girls are junior bridesmaids and the two youngest are my flower girl and ring bearer.  When we arrived at their place Sunday night, we were greeted with strawberry lemonades.

The kids threw Neal and I a wedding shower!! How adorable is that?

The kids made us these cupcakes, fluffernutter sandwiches, and mocktails.  We had a blast with them last night and I just can not wait to have them as part of our wedding this summer.  They are a true blessing in my life.

Overall, the move went very well but it was a lot of work!  I was blown away by the statistics from my Nike Fuel this weekend!  Check out these stats…


  • 9.08 miles walked
  • 22,125 steps
  • 2,580 calories burned (based on my movement, not heart rate)
  • 7,070 in Nike Fuel
  • 14:37 active time


  • 7.66 miles walked
  • 18,674 steps
  • 2,275 calories burned (based on my movement, not heart rate)
  • 6,252 in Nike Fuel
  • 13:47 active time

Grand Total

  • 16.74 miles walked
  • 40,799 steps
  • 4855 calories burned (based on my movement, not heart rate)
  • 13,322 in Nike Fuel
  • 28:24 active time

The week ahead will be filled with lots of unpacking and organizing, which I’m really excited about.  Tonight I’m going to focus on the kitchen and putting away our clothes.

Thank you again for all of y’alls support and encouragement!  I’m excited to blog from my new home and about our new adventures!

PS– Congratulations to Amanda for winning the Luna Bar giveaway!  Thank you to all who entered!  I have a feeling I have a few more giveaways up my sleeve, so stay tuned.


  1. says

    Congrats congrats congrats! Moving is so stressful but you’re on the other side now! And how sweet that the kiddies threw you a shower. ALSO, Rusitco – clearly the better call :)

  2. says

    Yay! Congrats!! We were happy to help- but man, we were exhausted by the evening time (I can only imagine how you guys felt!!). I wish I could come help you unpack- if you were going to be home during the day I would (seriously) take a day off work to come help you! Hopefully you guys will have some time in the evening this week before you leave for Texas! Your house will be a home in no time!!
    And FYI- I am SORE today!! Don’t know if it’s from my morning workout or the moving, but man- that’s a GOOD thing! Means that the muscles are being fed. :)

  3. says

    That looks like such a fun weekend! I know it’s strange but I sort of love moving stuff.

    I want to live by all those places you ate at. The sound so tasty and delicious.

    Why are those big workout balls so difficult to store??? Mine always looks out of place no matter where I put it just like yours in your moving van.

  4. says

    woo! i’m glad the moving weekend went so well! i’ve helped a couple friends move before. it’s a lot of work, but SO much better if the people moving are organized and if you’ve got a couple of strong backs. :)

  5. Becky says

    I love so many things about this post! The fortune cookie message, the wedding shower, from the kids, fluffernutter! And you are very welcome Ashley. I needed a good workout!

  6. Contessa says

    I have to say I look forward to your post and all the exciting things going on. I originally started reading your blog because you are doing the body revolution but now I enjoy reading what all you guys have going on. This year makes two years my husband and I have been married so watching your post about stress and moving can all be related to in such a big way. Congrats on getting moved, and yay for all the upcoming great events!

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