My Wedding Jewelry

It is super hot here in Texas!  It makes me realize how mild the summers are in DC, even with the little bit of humidity we get sometimes.  Yesterday was another beautiful day in San Antonio and started out with a hair appointment with my love, Eduardo.

Although I should probably find a hair stylist in DC, Eduardo is just fabulous and I love getting my hair done by him.  We talked, we laughed, and we watched this really creepy movie Delores Claiborne.  Have you seen it before?

3 or so hours later I was super blonde again and pummed about my wedding hair!  Hard to believe that the wedding is 6 weeks from today!


After my appointment we swung by a new to me coffee shop called Wildfire Coffee (or is it Mildfire Coffee??).  The sign outside said Wildfire but all of the products inside the shop said Mildfire.

Either way, the drink I ordered was fantastic!  I ordered an iced skim peachy matcha.

It was an adorable coffee shop and one I would definitely recommend to anyone in San Antonio (It’s going on the Restaurants page!).

The rest of the day was spend hanging out with my family.  My Mom made an awesome Italian dinner, complete with lasagna and my favorite, chicken spinach manicotti.

After dinner I looked through my Grandma’s costume jewelry with my Aunt Donna, mom, and sister.  As my Grandma passed away before I was born, it is important to me to have a piece of her with me on my wedding day.  I decided to wear some of her jewelry for the rehearsal dinner and my wedding day.

I adore her jewelry and feel so honored to be able to wear a few of her pieces for my wedding.

Well I hope y’all are having a wonderful Saturday!  Today is Neal’s and my wedding shower and we’re so excited!  I can’t wait to celebrate with such amazing people!


  1. says

    I love to go to different coffee shops. :) If you want a creepy movie, you should see The Woman in Black! Agh!
    I think it’s really cool that you will be wearing family jewelry. :)

  2. Amanda @flecksofgreen says

    That jewelry is stunning. Its very sweet of you to incorporate your grandmother on your big day! I’m sure the next 6 weeks will be very fun and busy– good luck!

  3. says

    Love the blonde! Looks beautiful. My mom wore some of her mother’s costume jewlery at my wedding, and I wore my grandmother’s mother’s engagement ring. I also wore a bracelet that my grandmother and her best friend won in Vegas (gold with rubies). My grandmother told my “Aunt” Kathie to keep it as she wouldn’t wear it much. At my shower, my Aunt Kathie gifted it to me, so of course, I had to wear it. Bringing family jewlwery in makes it so special. Just six weeks! Enjoy it!

    Also, I would never last in TX, the DC heat is all I can take. Mild my tush!

  4. says

    I saw your jewelry pictures on instagram and I really love your choices. They are all so bright and so much fun. That green peachy matcha tea has me intrigued.

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