Body Revolution Week 8 – Take Two

Hey y’all!  It’s good to be back!

Neal and I have been in San Antonio, Texas these past few days, spending time with family and friends, enjoying lots of Mexican food, and celebrating our upcoming wedding with loved ones (more on that tomorrow).

As I’ve shared before, I love going home to San Antonio but it always makes me so grateful for the city I live in now (although I truly miss my family and friends).  There’s nothing better than tex-mex but can definitely see how unhealthy San Antonio is compared to Washington, DC.

I enjoyed my fair share of tex-mex while home but I was also able to make plenty of healthy choices at home while also working to get my Nike Fuel in each day.

For instance I made this wicked good oatmeal for my mom and I on Monday morning.

I made a serving of oatmeal with milk on the stove top and then added a TBSP of wheat germ, a dash of vanilla extract, a TBSP of coconut, and 2 TBSP of raisins.

The past 10 days have been an absolute whirlwind with moving and traveling to Texas, but I’m excited to be back in DC and to be able to get back into my routine.  I tried to get back to my Body Revolution workouts last week but Neal and I spent most of our non work time unpacking boxing and setting up our apartment.  Before I knew it we were on our way to Texas.

I’ve decided to re-do week 8 not only to get me back into the Body Revolution program but also to give my body the full experience that is week 8.

Body Revolution
Tuesday Workout 7
Wednesday Workout 8 and Cardio 2
Thursday Workout 7
Friday Workout 8
Saturday Cardio 2
Sunday Off

In addition, I also finished The Skinny Rules this past weekend and took some great tips from it!  I’ll definitely share more about the book in the near future, but for now I wanted to share the rules that will be the most challenging for me but the most rewarding in time.

  1. Removing artificial sweeteners from my diet.  Hello Crystal Light, which I love.
  2. No carbohydrates after lunch (focusing on veggies and protein for the remainder of the day)
  3. Go to bed hungry (not eating after a certain time)

Like I said, these are the most challenging rules for me but are ones that will make a huge impact on my life and diet.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Tuesday Egg whites with roasted bell peppers Indian food at Marsala Art Salad with ground turkey, blue cheese, tomato, and dressing
Wednesday Oatmeal with fresh berries Salad with tuna Teriyaki grilled chicken and green beans
Thursday 2 hard boiled eggs and fresh berries Leftover grilled chicken and green beans with brown rice Salad with ground turkey, blue cheese, tomato, and dressing
Friday Oatmeal with fresh berries Salad with tuna Turkey tacos

I am excited to be back in DC and to get back into my routine… at least for the next 5 or so weeks!   I hope y’all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and are enjoying your week so far.


  1. Kelly says

    Welcome back!! What an awesome trip you all must have had. I am all for the little changes you are making. I am making a few changes as I am sick and tired of my plateau and carrying around the extra weight. I am sure to be a real witch the next week as I am working on a detox of sorts.

    I’m giving up carbs for a week (even my beloved quinoa) I am also giving up sugar (anything other than honey and truvia is off limits) So my weekly soda is out this week :-(

    I hope that this helps but I do often wonder what will happen when I get to goal. I keep telling myself this is a lifestyle change and one that won’t be easy but will be one day.

  2. says

    What’s the reasoning behind going to bed hungry? I see it a lot of places, but I’m not sure why it’s good. I work 6-10 pm, so if I don’t eat after work, this would be pretty easy. It’s hard not to eat after I get home, though.

  3. says

    I’ve heard of wheat germ before, but I’ve never used it. I didn’t realize it was for oatmeal/could be used in oatmeal. I’m just curious if you used it because it has extra nutritional value or something (like adding chia seeds to oatmeal), or if it’s a texture thing?

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