June 2012 Monthly Goals

May was a fabulous month!!  I’m not surprised by how quickly it went by as it was filled with many joyous events.

In May I…

– Graduated from Kansas State University with a MS in Academic Advising: Student-Athlete Advising

– Signed our first lease together

– Read Weight Loss Boss

– Finished Body Revolution Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, and Week 8

– Moved into our new apartment

– Attended our wedding shower in San Antonio

May Goals Revisited

1.  Finish graduate school (5 more days) — CHECK!!

2.  Do my Body Revolution workout every day — I started out great and then we moved.  I’m doing Week 8 again this week and then moving forward with the program.

3.  Strive to limit processed foods (limiting sugar and flour) as a part of the Body Revolution program — I’m going to give this a thumbs up.  I really have tried to limit my overly processed foods.

4.  Stay calm and relaxed through Neal’s and my move — CHECK CHECK!!

5.  Treasure every moment leading up to the wedding — I am loving every minute of it!

June Goals

1.  Create a weekly meal plan for Neal and I every weekend before going grocery shopping.

2.  Grocery shop from our list not purchasing extra things.

3.  Finish the Body Revolution program.  Weeks 9-12 are left.

4.  Eat healthy on my business trip mid June.

5.  Enjoy every single moment of the month… each day is one day closer to our July 7 wedding.

6.  Follow the Skinny Rules! (water before every meal, no eating after 9PM, and no carbs after lunch).

June Preview

-Wedding day hair test run

-Final dress fitting

-Work conference in Indianapolis

-My sister arrives from Texas for the wedding

-Wedding reception venue final walk through

-On June 7 we’ll start the 30 day countdown to the wedding!  Woo hoo!

What are your goals for the month of June?


  1. says

    I am SO GLAD it’s June!! I thought it would never come!!
    It will be a busy month for you for sure- just make sure you take some time out for yourself, and breathe deep. :)
    By no carbs after lunch, do you mean like, no SIMPLE carbs (like bread, pasta, etc)?

  2. says

    Wow! You had quite the month and have quite a month ahead of you! And all awesome things!

    For June, I just want to get healthy, stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine!

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