Body Revolution Week 9 Plan

I am incredibly excited to be creating my Body Revolution week 9 plan!  It’s hard to believe that I am nearing the end of this program but boy have I loved it!  I am glad I redid week 8 last week, having missed a week from our move, but I’m excited to be moving into Phase 3 of the Body Revolution program tomorrow.

Body Revolution

Leading up to the wedding, working out before work has been tough.  I’ve treasured any extra sleep I can get, aka sleeping until 7:30AM which is AMAZING.   For now I am going to stick to working out as soon as I get home from work.  I’ll get changed right away and then dive into my workout.  I’m sure I’ll get back to working out in the morning after the honeymoon, but for now, working out in the afternoon will work great.

Body Revolution
Sunday *Early morning run
Monday Workout 9
Tuesday Workout 10
Wednesday Cardio 3
Thursday Workout 9
Friday Workout 10
Saturday Cardio 3

Diet wise I am trying hard to not eat complex carbohydrates after lunch and to up my water intake.  Meal planning has been key, which has also helped with my grocery shopping and budgeting.  This week I’ve focused on creating meals based on foods we already have at home.  I used one of my new favorite apps, AnyList, creating a “Foods We Have” list and then a “Grocery List”.  It worked perfectly!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Hard boiled eggs and fruit salad Veggie burger on Ezekiel bread Taco salad
Monday Steel cut oatmeal with strawberries Lentils and veggie chicken patty Fish and broccoli
Tuesday Egg sandwich with strawberries Lentils and veggie chicken patty Pizza night with the girls
Wednesday Steel cut oatmeal with strawberries Salad with tuna Nationals baseball game
Thursday Egg sandwich with strawberries Lentils and veggie chicken patty Grilled buffalo chicken salad
Friday Oatmeal with strawberries Lentils and veggie chicken patty Fiesta grilled chicken salad with black beans

The week ahead is filled with so many fun and exciting things, minus my OBGYN appointment.

  • Final wedding dress fitting
  • Girls night on Tuesday
  • Nationals baseball game
  • Marriage counseling and wedding ceremony finalization
  • Reception venue walk-through

Well I hope y’all have a fabulous Sunday!  Enjoy your weekend and make the most of it.  Sunday is a great day to organize your week and to set yourself up for success.

PS– awesome review and giveaway tomorrow!  I’m incredibly excited about this one! — Ashley


  1. says

    “This week is full of fun things… except the gyno.” Yup, that is NEVER fun. But- YAY to a Nats game in the middle of the week- and DOUBLE yay to sleeping in until 7:30!!
    If you’re around next weekend, I may just have to come see how the apartment looks now… and raid Neal’s stash of board games. :)

  2. says

    Eee, I’m so excited for you and your upcoming wedding excitement!! :) And I’m super impressed with you and your ability to keep kicking butt and working out so hardcore!

  3. says

    I’m always so inspired by your meal/workout planning. Whenever I finally decide to move out of my parent’s house I hope I can be that organized. You make me want to do Body Revolution so badly!!!

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