Body Revolution Workout 9

First off, have you seen the previews for Magic Mike?  Holy mama!

Channing Tatum is just divine!  Even if some of his movies are “just ok”, I still spend the $16 dollar to go see them.  I love him!

Ok, I’m stepping off of that cloud and back down to reality.  So yesterday was my first day in Phase 3 of the Body Revolution program.  For breakfast I had Trader Joe’s steel cut oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries, along with a cup of coffee and a few glasses of water.

I had to switch up my lunch yesterday, as I didn’t make lentils on Sunday night, but my salad with tuna and a homemade vinaigrette was a fantastic midday meal.  For a snack I had an apple, cheese stick, and a Blueberry Cobbler Flavor and Fiber bar.  As I was going to be taking on Workout 9 yesterday after work, I knew I had to eat a snack late.  The protein and fiber from my snacks were perfect pre-workout, giving me the energy I needed for the brutal workout.

Body Revolution Workout 9 is tough!  Really tough.  I felt like workout 8 was a challenge but workout 9 is IN-tense.  Although I am much stronger than I was 9 weeks ago, yesterdays workout was very challenging for me.  The great thing is, I know I’ll get better and I know that the workout will get easier in time.  I’m nervous to take on Workout 10 today but excited at the same time.

After yesterday’s workout, I continued to get my sweat on by cleaning the apartment before Neal got home.  The 7PM-8PM hour is my secret obsession… Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy anyone?  The power hour is the perfect time to dust, fold laundry, and prep dinner.

I snacked on some Crispy Asian Pears while I cooked last night’s dinner.  They were just ok… but I probably wont buy them again.

Crispy Asian Pears

For dinner last night I made lentils (leftovers will be used for lunches this week) and fish.  The lentils were incredibly easier to make and tasted awesome!  I combined 2 cups of chicken broth with 1 cup of lentils.

To the lentils and brother I added diced chives, garlic, Mrs. Dash, salt, and pepper.

After bringing the lentils to a boil, I lowered the heat and covered the lentils cooking them for roughly 40 minutes.

Fish and Lentils

Along with a side salad, last night’s dinner brought the day full circle.  The day’s food left me feeling energized, refreshed, and fulfilled… just what I needed the day before my final dress fitting!! I can’t wait to put my dress on later this morning… AHHH so exciting!  Well I hope y’all are having a fantastic week and that you’re making healthy decision one moment at a time.  Remember, they all add up!

Question of the day: What foods leave you feeling great?


  1. Katy says

    Holy Mama is right – I can’t wait to go see this movie!!!

    These Gnu bars sounds delicious!! Are they only available online or do some health food stores in town sell them? The Weight Watchers meetings I used to go to really advertised asian pears since it’s suppose to have so much fiber. I have yet to try them since I can never find them at the store. Will have to look for the freeze dried kind.

    You are looking fantastic, keep up all the hardwork….it’s working!!!! :) Enjoy your final dress fitting!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    I am really excited for Magic Mike – but it’s because I am super in love with Alex Pettyfer. Also, I watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy almost every day : )

  3. says

    I’m going to have to check out Body Revolution, I kinda love Jillian Michaels. And lentils are delicious.

    Channing Tatum is beautiful…

  4. says

    All I know is that I find male strippers disgusting. I was so relieved when my bridesmaids didn’t hire one for my bachelorette party. However, if they all looked like Channing Tatum…I’d be hiring male strippers for every single bachelorette party I was ever invited to!

  5. says

    I LOVE lentils!! I have so many in my pantry too. They’re one of those things that I always forget I have, but I need to take this as a reminder!!
    Greg and I watch the Wheel all the time. We usually eat dinner right at 7 and have the lovely habit of turning it on while we’re eating. He loves Jeopardy… I can take it or leave it. But I LOVE the Wheel- especially the final puzzle!

  6. says

    I used to think Channing Tatum was just a pretty (pretty, pretty) face, and then I saw him in 21 Jump Street and on a few interviews – he is hilarious! I love that Magic Mike is based on his life too, so you know that’s going to be interesting to watch!

    When we were growing up, we used to eat dinner late due to sports practices and activities and Jeopardy was the only thing we could (sometimes) watch while eating dinner. We were VERY competitive too!

  7. says

    Okay, I read the whole post (I swear) and I have a lot of comments about lentils and how delicious everything looks, but the one thing I’m having a really hard time with is, $16 for a movie ticket?! Jeepers!

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