Losing Back Fat

After my final wedding dress fitting yesterday, I became consumed with thoughts about toning my back and losing the dreaded back fat.  Since starting the Body Revolution program back in April, I have toned up quite a bit and have lost a number of inches but for whatever reason the bust area of my dress was really tight yesterday.  A million thoughts ran through my head but you know what, I’ve really been working hard on my diet and exercise so I can’t get down on myself.

I’ve had to face a tough decision, as I really want to complete the last 3.5 weeks of the Body Revolution program before the wedding but at the same time I can’t get too much bigger in my upper body.  A number of people recommended that I back off (no pun intended) of the intense upper body lifting and just focus on my legs, core, and cardio until the wedding. So that’s what I’m going to do. I would like to focus on getting 30+ minutes of cardio in each day as well as abs and a few circuit weights.

Spin Bike

I am extremely motivated to lose a few pounds before the wedding, so I will also be logging my daily eats on the Countdown to Wedding Diet page as a way to track what I’m eating, to hold myself accountable, and to show y’all my prep for the big day! For my diet, I am going to focus on these 6 things…

1.  Drink a full glass of water before every meal (from Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules) and 3 nalgene water bottles each day (96 ounces)

2. Eat 3 cups of vegetables each day

3. Eat 2 cups of fruit each day

4. Eat protein with each meal

5. Eat lean, clean, and green for dinner (no complex carbs)

6.  No eating after 9PM

Maren shared an awesome new app on her blog yesterday called Clear, which I started using today as a way to track my diet goals.

clear app

I’m sad to not be continuing the Body Revolution program for now, but leading up to the wedding I need to focus on cardio and losing some pounds.  I’ll return to Body Revolution after our honeymoon!

Any advice or tips?