30 Days of Bliss

The days leading up to the wedding have truly been bliss.  It’s hard to believe that our wedding is just 30 days away!  Wild!  This week has been filled with lots of fun events, plenty of wedding planning, and lots of joy.

Monday I received a number of packages, all with goodies for the wedding!  One of the items I had purchased was a Nationals wine glass from Taylor Brigham Designs.  How adorable is this?  Taylor has a fantastic shop on Etsy and I look forward to buying a few more of these wine glasses for our home.

Nationals Wine Glass

Tuesday started out with my final wedding dress fitting, which I shared about yesterday.

Tuesday night I headed over to Becky’s (one of my bridesmaids) for girls night!  We started out with a glass of wine and then enjoyed some awesome Whole Foods pizza.


Whole Foods Pizza

This pizza was amazing.  I had two slices of the vegetable pizza (onions, artichoke hearts, olives, and bell peppers), which was divine.  Here in DC, Tuesday nights are buy one pizza get one free! Can’t beat that!

Wednesday night, Neal and I headed over to Nationals park for a baseball game.  Last night marked one month until our rehearsal dinner at Nationals Park, which was fun to think about!  I can’t wait to celebrate with our family and friends at the ballpark and to enjoy a Nationals vs. Rockies game.

Nationals Park

Today I have two exciting things on the agenda, lunchtime yoga (thank you Ashley for the idea) and wedding ceremony planning with our minister.  Tonight for dinner I’m making Neal and I grilled buffalo chicken salads and then snuggling in and watching some of our DVR.

I’m sure y’all are going to hear me say this 100 times, but I just can’t believe the wedding is 30 days away.  I want to enjoy every moment leading up to the wedding.

For those of you who are married, any advice for my last 30 days as a single woman and an as bride?


  1. says

    I love that you’re having your rehearsal dinner at Nationals Park! We really wanted to have some part of our wedding festivities at Miller Park but the location just didn’t fit in with the rest of our wedding events. :(

    My advice for you as an almost bride; enjoy. every. last. minute. Don’t allow to get yourself caught up with the small things. If every last detail of your big day doesn’t turn out just right, nobody will know it but you. Allow yourself to relax & enjoy the time with your family & friends that love you so much, you hire professionals to take care of the details for a reason. The single negative aspect of my wedding day is that it went by much too quickly. Try your darndest to soak it all up, you can’t get that day back.

  2. says

    Advice: Don’t stress! It will all turn out ahmazing! Also, I sent out working schedules to the maids and the men letting them know where they needed to be at what time. It was peace of mind for me knowing that THEY knew where they should be :)

  3. says

    How exciting!!! For your last 30 days, just accept the fact that pretty much everything for the wedding is done, and it be absolutely perfect! It’s crazy how quickly the day goes by, but it’s such an incredible feeling to look out over your wedding and think, wow, all these people are here for me and my husband! It’s overwhelming in the best possible way!

  4. Lauryn says

    I am so excited for you! Ok, we have been married over 5.5 years now and my biggest challenge was the wedding day!! I was so rushed and burdend that day ( i had to pick up my own flowers, LOL) and i didnt really have time to relax and ENJOY it. Dont freak out. Always remember to look at Neal while you are walking down the isle not the people on either side making you nervous! LOL I squeezed my daddys hand so hard i thought it would fall off!! Haha, but this last month, spend TIME with your girlfriends and buy yourself a present!!! Those things will slack off when your married, even with your good intentions. Good luck, I cant wait to see pics!!!

  5. says

    30 days is so soon! I’m not married, but have worked with weddings for the past 7 years, so I feel like I can give all sorts of advice. I would say to make sure you savor the next 30 days, enjoy every time you tell someone you’re getting married, enjoy every moment of planning and enjoying being a Miss. before you are a Mrs.


  6. says

    My advice is that the wedding is fun, but the marriage is what’s important. Never let the wedding outshine the real priority – the marriage.

  7. says

    Yay! I’m so excited!!
    I’m sure I’m just repeating myself here, but my best advice is to just stay calm and relaxed- and not stress too much. Don’t get so caught up in the little details and everything you need to take care of (especially the week leading up to the wedding) that you can’t enjoy yourself. Live in the present. Look at Neal and remember what it’s all about- that you two love each other very much and will have a lifetime together.
    And ask people for help when you need it- even if it’s just to tie bows or put things out before the reception!! (And I’ll be happy to help, love!)

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