Summer Bucket Lists

With the official start to summer just around the corner and a lot of buzz out there regarding summer bucket lists, I thought It’d make a summer “to do” list of my own.

The unofficial start to summer has been fantastic so far but I’m definitely looking forward to what is to come! So here it is… My Summer 2012 To Do List!

-Remain focused through my Countdown to Wedding Diet

-Get a massage!

-Buy a new camera

-Enjoy my last days as a single lady (or as AshAck as my friends call me)

-Go blueberry picking (LAUREN!!)

-Visit a farmers market once a week

-Tackle another scaleless summer (June 20-Sept 21)

-Get Married (wink wink)

-Visit Amsterdam

-Take Neal to the town in Germany where I lived as a child

-Tour Berlin

-Enjoy every moment of our time in Prague

-Drink coffee in Old Town Salzburg

-Treasure our time in Munich

-Visit the “Cinderella Castle”

-Attend an outdoor film in DC (I’m thinking Goonies)

-Attend Jazz in the Sculpture Garden

-Go out to brunch (twice)

-Attend Truckeroo (twice)!!

-Finish the Body Revolution Program (weeks 10-12)

-Clean out, downsize, and reorganize my closets

-Go to the H-Street Country Club

-Enjoy the ‘dog days of summer’ at Nationals Park

-Visit Chicago

I think that’s a pretty wicked good list!  I’m pumped!  I’m going to start working on this list tonight actually, as I enjoy my last days as a single lady.  The weekend ahead looks to be an awesome one, with plenty on the to do list.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and a great start to the summer.

What’s on your summer to do list?

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