Trip Preparations

Today I’m headed to Indianapolis for a work conference until Thursday.   I am uber excited about this conference and can’t believe that when I get back it’ll be TWO WEEKS until wedding week!

As I’ll be away for 4 days, it was important for me to make some preparations.  Step one, make a sweet for your sweet!

strawberry-rhubarb cherry crumble

A few months ago I made a strawberry-rhubarb crumble for Neal, but after picking up some sour cherries at the farmers market on Saturday I figured I’d make Neal a strawberry-rhubarb-cherry crumble.

How beautiful are those cherries?

I followed the exact same recipe but just added in 1 1/2 cups of sour cherries.

The cherries actually created a wonderful balance in the crumble, as it does have a fair amount of sugar in it.  Now Neal has a sweet treat for the week ahead.

I on the other hand had to prepare for 4 days of eating out, sitting down, and being in a different environment.  With the wedding being just 3 weeks away, it’s really important for me to watch what I eat, to track everything, and to get a good workout in each day.

Step two of my preparations for the week ahead was to pack my bag.

Along with my business clothes, I packed my workout clothes and all of my electronics (gotta blog while I’m away).

Last but not least, I had to think about my meals for the days ahead.   Since we’ll be eating all of our meals out, I decided to bring along some peaches, rice cakes, my Nalgene water bottle, and Crystal Light packets.  I have no idea what the food options will be like so I’m going to stick to Bob’s Skinny Rules; drinking water before each meal, focusing on produce and protein, and not eating after 8PM.

Wedding dress!  Wedding dress!  Wedding dress!

Along with morning workouts to kick start the day, I’m hoping these 4 days away will be cake easy peasy.


  1. says

    Good luck with eating well. I find that when I travel, I have to get over my “that packaged salad is too expensive” hangup and just spend more to eat healthful foods.

  2. says

    I’ve found that bringing a big water bottle to meetings is the BEST idea ever. Have a great trip and good luck with staying on track!

  3. says

    I know you can do it! Especially if you’ll be blogging while there. I’m always more on my normal fitness/eating routine when blogging.

    Definitely give yourself a few splurges though, I think it makes all the difference when being successful on vacation.

  4. says

    The crumble looks ridiculous!! And i know that in person- those cherries looked even MORE amazing- if that’s possible! Neal is a lucky man!
    I need to pick up Skinny Rules!!! I love the tip of having a full glass of water before a meal. So simple- and dang- it makes sense!!
    Have a good trip- xoxoxo

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