Garlic Swiss Chard

Last weekend at the Rockville Farmers Market I snatched up a bundle of swiss chard.

I see swiss chard and rainbow chard on the Food Network’s show Chopped all the time (I’m obsessed with that show), but I’ve never actually cooked with it before.

Going to the farmers market always gets me pumped up and excited to try new things.  Swiss chard is inexpensive, easy to cook, and a great source of vitamin K.

After cleaning and dicing the swiss chard I heated olive oil, crushed red chili pepper flakes, and garlic.

After about 2 minutes I added the swiss chard.  It’s important not to overcook the garlic as it can become bitter.

The swiss chard takes a bit longer to cook than most greens, like spinach, but about about 10 minutes it was cooked down and ready to eat.

You can definitely eat the swiss chard as a side dish, but I added it to a bowl of angel hair pasta sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Now Neal would probably never eat this dish, but I enjoyed every ounce of it!   This is a dish I will definitely be making more often.

Eating at the conference so far has been pretty good!  Yesterday morning I woke up incredibly early, couldn’t sleep, and got a fantastic gym workout in.  I did a HIIT workout on the treadmill for 40 minutes, which was a fantastic way to start the day.

My 8AM I was incredibly hungry and ready for breakfast.  From the buffet at the conference I got strawberries, yogurt, granola, eggs, and a banana.

For lunch I stuck to the salad portion of the buffet, avoiding the other buffet all together.  On a small plate I served myself salad with a vinaigrette and a scoop of pasta salad.   With a multigrain along side, I was pretty set for lunch….

but by 4PM my stomach was growling making me realize that I should have had some protein with lunch.  For a snack I opted for the soft pretzel instead of the brownies.

I somewhat regret eating that pretzel but it is what it is.  For dinner I went out with some colleagues and ordered the chipotle veggie burger with a side of waffle fries.

The burger was AWESOME though again, didn’t need the waffle fries.  Either way, I feel great 2 days into my travels.  I feel like I have made more good decisions than bad decisions and my workouts have been great.  This morning I’m headed back to the gym for another workout and then it’s off to day two of the conference.

I hope y’all are having an awesome week!


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    nice work sticking with your workouts and mostly healthy diet choices while you’re traveling! that’s tough to do!

    i love swiss chard too! my husband will actually eat it, but definitely not as a main dish. if i served it alongside a burger or something he’d be fine with it!

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