Olympic Motivation

I’ll never forget the 1996 Olympics.  I was 12 years old, fascinated with sports, excited about the Olympics being in Atlanta, and just about obsessed with gymnastics.  This still gives me chills…

I even got the 1996 Olympics VHS tape for Christmas that year… oh yeah, like I said I was kinda obsessed.  The Olympics are magical and as a young athlete, they motivated me to get better at my sport.

In high school I was a powerlifter. I competed to see how much I could max out in the squat, bench, and deadlift.  I took my sport very seriously and being able to look at other athletes through the Olympics brought me great motivation.

Later in college, as I continued my career as a discus and hammer thrower, I focused on the daily training of track and field Olympians.  Learning from their habits, training schedule, and discipline helped me to be a better athlete while I was in college.

In the same way, reading healthy living blogs helps me as an athlete and as a woman.  Being able to look to others, to read about others’ journeys, and to see how they live their lives helps me on my own quest.  Just as watching the Olympics motivates me to compete again, both in weightlifting and in track and field, so do bloggers motivate me to share more, to be honest about my journey, and to change my lifestyle.

Lauren motivates me to eat more produce and to go after my dreams.

Janetha motivates me to be real and to push my body beyond what I think it can do.

Kristin motivates me to cook more, enjoy every moment, and to laugh a lot.

Mama Laughlin motivates me to be a kick ass MILF Mom.

Kelly motivates me to reach my goal.


So here are my two questions for y’all…

1.  What bloggers motivate you and why?

2.  What summer Olympic sport are you most looking forward to watching?


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    I got goose bumps all over again! Those girls were my heros! I love to watch swimming, diving and gymnastics.

    As for blogs that inspire me: your blog, Stuft Mama, Running toward the prize, Skinnie Emmy and Kitchen Kilometers are some of my favorites. :)

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    YOU motivate me every day!! And you know how much I love you- and your story. I seriously think that being a female power lifter is just about as cool as it gets. And our friendship motivates me too, and reminds me why I love this little blogging community so much!
    I found a new website last night through my friend Calee’s that I think you’ll like! Check out her feature on Calee’s blog and go from there. And WATCH the VLOG that she links too!! You’ll love this girl:

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    AI just moved to Washington DC with my husband and 3 kids. I stumbled on your blog thru looking at reviews on Jillian michales DVDs and inhave got to tell you reading thru your posts and weight loss journey- I cried!! I related to a lot of what you were saying. Your so brave to be so transparent with your struggles ! It reminded me that transitioning to a new place is gonna take some time!! I am inspired by you and hope to meet some fun loving people like you here in WA DC!! Keep up the good work!!

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      Thank you so much for your note! Welcome to DC (I hope you love it) and welcome to Coffee, Cake and Cardio. I am so grateful that my blog impacts others and in the same way your messages really impact and motivate me! I hope to hear more from you in here and please let me know if you have any questions about DC.

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    I love the Olympics! I’m looking forward to gymnastics and diving!! But im sort of a Michael Felps groupie so I’ll be watching swimming too…

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    Reading your post tonight reminds me of HOW HARD YOU WORK OUT, and how I wish I had that in me! I mean, I don’t really want to do all that hard work, but it would be awesome to WANT it! :)

    We motivate each other, girl… excited to hear the rest of your journey. You’re going to hit that goal!!

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