Fitness Goal Setting and Bucket List Making

First of all, I love how obsessed some women are about list making.  I know that’s a huge generalization but I feel like so many of the female bloggers I follow, friends I have, and women I work with can’t get enough list making in their lives.

Here on Coffee, Cake and Cardio I have a mini bucket list, yearly birthday to do list, calendar of events, and most recently, a summer bucket list.

This time of year I always seem to get the itch to plan out my fitness plans for the fall/winter, as now is the time to start training for those events!

Last fall Neal and I trained for 3 races; we ran the Cranberry Crawl, Turkey Trot, and the Hot Chocolate 15K (check out my training plan here). This upcoming fall/winter I have a few races on my wish list…

In addition to planning out our fall races, I have started a fitness bucket list on Pinterest to keep me motivated and focused on my goals.  Although I’m not going to tackle all of those things this year, there are a few on there I want to tackle this fall… like taking tap dance lessons!  Pinterest can be used for so many things beside crafting and wedding planning.  Creating a visual list is so motivating and Pinterest allows for you to create those lists and share them with others!

Are you on Pinterest?  If so, start your own fitness bucket list and share it with us here on Coffee, Cake and Cardio.  If you’re not on Pinterest, that’s ok!  Still share some of your fitness goals and what’s on your fitness bucket list.


  1. says

    Maybe it’s a generalization, but it’s true in my case! I love the idea of a fitness bucket list. I’m going to create one when I get home tonight.

  2. Kelly says

    well, I am on pinterest and I think you follow me already. I know I follow you :-)

    Bucket lists are an interesting concept, I made one this year for the boys for summer vacation. As a homemaker and homeschooling family we NEED lists to get things done and keep on track.

    I’m not sure of a fitness bucket list…since I really don’t have a lot of fitness goals…maybe a health bucket list…might be doable.

  3. says

    I think I might join you in ditching the scale! ;) It’s scary though! Summer tends to be the season in which I gain the most weight because the heat makes me not want to work out and I eat a lot more ice cream!

    I definitely think the scale has helped me in the past with me weight loss efforts, but now it’s hurting my mental health more than anything. I know for me, a lot of feeling good is inches lost, work outs, and eating well – so if I’m doing those three things, I’m generally a happy gal. I really want to focus more on work outs instead of pounds lost right now as well, so maybe this will help me do that!

  4. says

    I am a total list maker. I have a “summer bucket list” and a “32 while 32″ going on right now. I used to do a monthly goals at the beginning of every month, but that just got to be too much. (And I kept writing the same goals over and over again!)
    I still haven’t really jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, but need to now that I’ll have a little more free time! I do love the idea of a fitness bucket list. Oh the things I would put on there… (one would definitely be hiking Old Rag! Are ya with me?!)
    Diggin’ the new color scheme!

  5. says

    I really like the purple on your blog!!!

    I do make tons of lists. But I don’t have a summer one or anything like that. My number 1 fitness goal right now is to be able to complete a 1/2 marathon in September.

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