Looking Back On The Week

Woo Wee!  What a week!  Looking back on the past 7 days, it’s unbelievable how much has gone on.  It all started Monday with a surprise bridal shower at work and a trip to BWI to pick up my beautiful sister!

Strawberry Shortcake

My boss made us beautiful strawberry and blueberry shortcakes (which Neal thoroughly enjoyed Monday evening) for the shower.  It was such a treat to be able to celebrate with my co-workers. Monday night Alison and I stayed up late talking about the wedding, planning out our meals for the week, and creating way too many to do lists.

Tuesday after work Alison and I went craft crazy, picking up new table number and supplies for our name cards and escort cards at Michael’s.

bucket table numbers

With all the supplies needed to go craft crazy, my sister began to work her tail off on our escort cards Wednesday morning (more on that later next week!) and then after work I met up with my other co-workers for a wedding happy hour for Neal and I.

What. A. Blast!  We had such a great time mingling, laughing, and sharing about our upcoming nuptials.  It was great having an iced cold beer and enjoying every sip of it.  I worked out every day this past week and stuck to my meal plan, so having a treat on Wednesday was great.

Thursday morning was very special for Neal and I.  Bright and early we made our way over to the court house to get our marriage license.

It was such a special moment for Neal and I and it made us so excited for our wedding ceremony.  Lets just say we are both eager and excited to get hitched in 14 days!

Friday night I made my way to another happy hour, which was a hoot!  I haven’t had that much fun in a long time!  It was great being able to let loose, laugh a lot, and enjoy the company of my dear friends.

This past week was FABULOUS and I’m eager to tackle the weekend ahead.  First stop, farmers market!


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    Yay- what a fun week!! You just have so many great things going on right now. :)
    Oddly enough- Greg went to pick up our marriage license last summer by himself. They gave it to him without getting an ID or anything from me. He totally could have made me up!

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