YouTubeuler Tuesday

Last night my sister and I stayed up WAY to late working on wedding music and watching You Tube videos.  I figured y’all needed some good laughs and chills, so here are a few of my favorite videos from last night.

But lets back track a little to yesterday afternoon.   After work, Alison and I ran around downtown DC for a meeting with my caterer and to pick up brochures for the welcome packets.

Downtown DC

The meeting with the caterer was FANTASTIC!  I can not wait to eat the food on wedding day!

Hill Country BBQ

We also swung by Macy’s to pick up a few things for the wedding and then it was back home to plan, plan, plan!

For dinner I made Alison and Neal baked salmon, stewed okra, and lentils.

For the salmon I drizzled a little olive oil on top, sprinkled salt and pepper on top, and then added lemon juice to the pan.  Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Yesterday was a fantastic day, full of lots of planning and plenty of laughs.  I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!


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    Ok, I almost died laughing at the “S*** Brides Say” video. Especially about the eating. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Can’t wait for some pictures!

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    Make sure you actually EAT the food at your wedding–you’re working hard for it. Weddings are so busy that a lot of people don’t really eat much. I remember stopping at McDonald’s halfway to our hotel because we were too busy talking to eat at the reception.

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    Ohhh… can you do a post on your lentils sometime? post wedding maybe? I know you’re super busy right now. Also, I’m hosting a giveaway right now and I’d love for you to drop by and win a new koozie with your new monogram!

    xoxo, Emily

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