Rustic Escort Cards

For our country chic wedding, I thought it’d be adorable to incorporate mason jars into our rustic escort cards. Although I could have purchased our escort cards, I knew my sister and I would be able to crank them out and come up with some great ideas. Little did we know that our ideas would spin into not just stamping, but embossing and instead of hand writing each person’s name that we’d also be stamping their names. In the end though, the escort cards were well worth the time!

Mason Jar Stamp

With all of our supplies on hand, we started embossing last week.  For embossing you will need a card stock or paper of your choice, a stamp, ink, embossing powder, and an embossing dryer.  You can not use a regular blow dryer for this task as the embossing power needs to be heated at a much higher temperature in order to take.

1.  Stamp your image onto card stock.

2.  Immediately apply the embossing power to the wet ink.

3.  Shake off the excess powder.

4.  Take the card or use a q-tip to ensure that all extra powder is off of the card.

5.  Apply heat to the card and watch the magic happen!

The heating takes about 15 seconds.

Mason Jar Escort Cards

Alison worked very hard on this and also embossed the table numbers and the “all you need is love” quote.  She was a rock star!

The next night we started embossing the place cards, stamping a gold flower.  My Aunt Danielle was a huge help!

Then the next night, Becky came over to help us with stamping each person’s name onto both their escort card and their place card.

These two were amazing and worked on the cards for hours!

The finished product was just adorable and I can not wait to see them at the wedding next week!



  1. says

    This project is awesome! I love doing DIY projects as a team too, it makes it so much more fun. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  2. Julie says

    Hi Ashley! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time, but I don’t think I’ve commented yet?! Love your escort card ideas- I am getting married next year and I think our themes are pretty similar (we are planning on using mason jars for drinking out of, and other “rustic/vintage/country” looks). What is the difference between embossing vs just regular stamping? Love your ideas & can’t wait to see how the wedding unfolds (so I can hopefully steal some of your ideas :) :)

    ps. I also noticed that in a previous post you said that you picked up mason jars- did you happen to find a place that had them cheaper than others? I’m having trouble finding a good deal…

    • says

      Hey Julie! Congratulations on your wedding!!

      So you can do stamping or embossing in just about any color. The difference is that embossing creates a metallic look, is more refined, and is raised. Both look great, but embossing is much more polished.

      I actually ordered my mason jars through my caterer. It was much cheaper to go through them.

  3. says

    holy cow! my mom used to be really into stamping and embossing her own greeting cards – it’s a lot of work! especially stamping all the names?!? woah. you’ve got some amazing friends/family to help w/ all of that! it looks like the end result was worth it though –> SOOOOOO cute. can’t wait to see how everything looks all pulled together!

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