The Morning of My Wedding


The morning of my wedding was so incredibly special! Having lost my Grandfather the week before, I was still filled with a lot of emotions. Waking up to this beautiful sunrise gave me incredible peace. It was an early morning for me, my bridesmaids, and the moms.  We arrived at Giselle's at 7:30AM and jumped right into getting our hair done. Melissa and Becky were dolls and . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Plan: July 30 – August 5

Eating Out

It's hard to believe that there are just 8 weeks left of my Scaleless Summer.  With this being my first full week post-wedding and honeymoon, I was excited and thrilled to create my weekly plan.  Last week went extremely well Wednesday-Friday, but this past weekend was tough.  My eats were actually pretty good this weekend, but I ate WAY more carbs than I had been eating on the week days.  It was h . . . Continue Reading »

McCormick’s Mediterranean Herb Crusted Tilapia

photo 1

Sometimes I just want to make a quick/easy/no need to think dinner that looks and tastes like I spent hours cooking and creating it. Enter McCormick's Mediterranean Herb Crusted Tilapia and Lemon Potatoes. When I went grocery shopping last Wednesday after returning from Europe, I came across this seasoning packet and it got me thinking. Is it quick? YES. Is it easy? YES. Is it a no need to . . . Continue Reading »

Sangria Saturday – Sangria For One


I had a little bit of a breakdown this morning.  Granted I woke up at 5AM, but I was just overwhelmed and exhausted.  When Neal woke up, the waterworks started.  A good cry can be awesome times, and this morning was one of those times. After my cry fest, we headed over to the farmers market to pick up some goods for the week ahead.  The market was packed, as always, but we got some fabulous pro . . . Continue Reading »

Fitness Friday – 1

Fitness Friday Button

Since retuning from our honeymoon Tuesday night, it has been great to jump right back into the swing of things.  I know that coming back from a vacation can be hard, but the longer you drag it out the tougher it will be. To get right back into it, I woke up bright and early and headed to the gym.  Although we had walked miles beyond miles while in Europe, Neal and I both decided it was best to e . . . Continue Reading »

Rehearsal, Dinner, and Baseball


The Friday before the wedding started bright and early. I was eager to get up, shower, clean up a few things around the house, and to pick up the flowers for the wedding. The flowers were beautiful, but to be honest, they weren't everything I had hopped they'd be.  I had been working with a florist for most of the engagement and she quit a few weeks before the wedding so I had to play catch . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Week


The week of my wedding was an absolute blast.  Even though my sister was in town 2 weeks before wedding week, it wasn't until Neal's and my parents arrived on July 1 that it really hit me that it was go time!  As the 4th of July was on Wednesday, Neal's and my plan was to work on the 2nd and 3rd, but I ended up only working on Monday.  I had so much to get done that taking Tuesday off was a bl . . . Continue Reading »

I’m Back From My Honeymoon!


I'm back from my honeymoon! It's hard to believe that this time yesterday morning Neal and I were having breakfast in Munich and now we are back home in DC.  The past month has been absolutely amazing; getting married and then spending 16 days touring Europe... but I have a huge confession, I am really happy to be back and to return to a normal life. The past 10 months have been UNREAL! . . . Continue Reading »

Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain

Hi friends! I blog daily  about trying to find moderation in the city that never sleeps over at A Healthy, Happier Bear! When Ashley asked me to guest post while she is away on her honeymoon I was elated. I especially liked the topic since it’s near and dear to my heart. I hope they are enjoying every moment of their honeymoon! Three years ago, I moved from Philadelphia to New York City to mo . . . Continue Reading »

Enjoying A Healthy, Fit Marriage


Hi! I'm Corrie Anne, and I blog about my super thrilling life at When Ashley asked me about writing a guest post, I absolutely loved the topic of integrating fitness & health living into my marriage. What a timely topic! Kevin and I just celebrated our first anniversary, and I'm proud to say that neither of us gained any weight during our first year of marriage! But trust, . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Party Gifts


Surprise!!!  Hello from Salzburg, Austria!  I hope you're enjoying all of the guest posts while I'm away on my honeymoon.  I promise to tell y'all all about the wedding and honeymoon when I return this week! As a teaser, I thought I'd share with y'all one of my favorite parts, buying the wedding party gifts.  Like many brides these days, I took to Pinterest and Etsy for many gift ideas.  I knew . . . Continue Reading »

Finding A Healthy Balance


Hi, everyone! I'm Paige, from the blog Running Around Normal. There I write about health and fitness with a mix of fun, and a peek into my life. Aside from writing about health and fitness on my blog, I also live it every day - not only through my own experiences, but as a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Today, however, I'm going to share my experiences and advice of . . . Continue Reading »

Sharing a Passion For Fitness


When Ashley asked me to guest post for her while she is on her honeymoon I was stoked!  I am so excited for Ashley and her new husband as they start their new life together.  My name is Madeline and I blog over at Food, Fitness, and Family about just that!  My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary last month and we have a beautiful 9-month-old daughter.  One secret to our success?  Sh . . . Continue Reading »

Stay Fit Together

Hello! I'm Lauren, the blogger behind Oatmeal after Spinning and am thrilled to be taking over Coffee, Cake and Cardio for the day! I am lucky enough to be friends with Ashley in real life, and it all began with us reading each others' blogs! We met for the first time last fall over a double date at Dogfish Ale House, and have been close ever since. I've loved being a part of Ashley's life . . . Continue Reading »

Healthy Body and Mind = Healthy Relationship

Hi Coffee Cardio and Cake readers! I'm Lynne and I blog at I first want to say CONGRATULATIONS! to Ashley and Neal on their wedding and marriage! I can't wait to read all about it when she's back in the blogging swing! Ashley and I were Foodie Pen Pals a while back and I immediately identified with her blog - we were both planning weddings, striving to eat healthy and keep up with . . . Continue Reading »