Bachelorette Party

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Tips for an awesome bachelorette party... 1.  Start your day off with an awesome workout and a good breakfast! 2.  Get some caffeine (and protein) in during the day. 3.  Eat a healthy and hearty lunch! 4.  Get all dolled up!!!! 5.  Take your best friend/sister/partner in crime with you! 6.  Drink some good beers! 7. Listen to some awesome live music . . . Continue Reading »

What A Weekend!


Holy moly, the past 3 days have been wild!  Y'all are in for a treat today though, because I am going to be posting twice!  You read that right, I am going to be a double poster for the day... especially because it's WEDDING WEEK! By Thursday of last week, my sister and I were left feeling like this... exhausted! Neal was also working tirelessly on his third book, which should go to p . . . Continue Reading »